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Human Sexuality-Response Post to Classmates - Essay Example

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For example the writer has said that men and women both look for different characteristics in the opposite gender. Men usually look for physical; attraction,…
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Human Sexuality-Response Post to Classmates
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Extract of sample "Human Sexuality-Response Post to Classmates"

HUMAN SEXUALITY - RESPONSE POST TO MATES goes here] [Your goes here] [Due the paper] Response for Post This post has been written in a coherent manner and the writer has answered all questions asked in the discussion. For example the writer has said that men and women both look for different characteristics in the opposite gender. Men usually look for physical; attraction, whereas women mostly like to have such a partner who should provide care to them and should respect their feelings and emotions. I think that the writer has said correct because younger men have less idea about what is actually needed to have a long-term relationship with women. They prefer beauty over other key attributes of a long-term healthy relationship with women, such as, sincerity, honesty, and naturalness. However, with the passage of time, they learn the importance of these attributes.
The writer has changed his stance in the next paragraph saying that individuals seek honesty, loyalty, confidence, and sense of humor in the opposite gender. This is totally different from what the writer said in the first paragraph. May be the writer is talking about the middle adulthood when the value of loyalty, sincerity, and other such attributes overshadow the importance of physical attraction. The writer has also talked about the assumed roles of men and women. About the question of same-sex relationships, the writer has said that same sex partners usually look for love because for such people the value of love is more than any other thing even if that love is with some person of the same sex. Moreover, the writer has given examples of a movie and of is own parents revealing the importance of love in relationships. Summing it up, I would say that the overall approach to the discussion questions was good and the discussion was based on facts.
Response for Post 2:
This post has been written in a succinct and simple way. For example, the author has briefly answered the question about characteristics that men and women look for in each other. He has written that desires for the other partner change with the passage of time. I think it is absolutely true because at a young age, preferences for both men and women for the partner form the opposite gender are different than what they are as a person ages. The author has mentioned that men do not seek for looks in the partner. I do not agree with this because young men mostly look for physical beauty. However, the author has correctly mentioned that women look for love when they are young and look for a supportive and fatherly figure when they start getting older and mature.
About same sex relationships, the author has said that same sex partners look for sexuality and love in the partner. I think this is true because in my view homosexuals feel somewhat insecure about the people from the opposite gender because of which they look for love and friendship with the same gender. To demonstrate the sexual orientation of homosexuals, the author has given the example of his sister. Summing it up, I think the post is written in a good flow and the author has conveyed his viewpoint perfectly. Read More
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