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On Marketing and Public Relation strategies for local movie theater - Case Study Example

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With the advent of technology, entertainment has transformed into a business with a global presence. In the following discourse, the focus is on Carmike Cinemas. In particular, the Lawton, Ok theatre would be discussed. The objective of…
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Case Study on Marketing and Public Relation strategies for local movie theater
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Extract of sample "On Marketing and Public Relation strategies for local movie theater"

Download file to see previous pages It is imperative to have an understanding of the business environment within which the Carmike Cinema in Lawton operates in. Acknowledging competition is one way through which a workable approach would be sought. In the area of Lawton, there are other movie theatres. The other theatres include the Dickinson Central Mall 12 theatre or even Vaska theatres. The existence of competition, therefore, should inform the business tact employed at the theatre.
Any business model should be aligned with the demographics within which it operates in. For the movie theatre, it is imperative to understand the imminent trends in the Lawton area. For instance, the local population, as was statistically recorded in the census done in 2011, was 98,177 (City of Lawton). Consequently, the target population for the movie theatre should work with the figure in mind. Besides, the figure should put into consideration the possible turn out from the whole population. This should be a figure worked with the competition from the Dickison Central Mall theatre in mind. In reference to cutting a niche in business, most organizations are focusing on how to effectively and efficiently win the perception and acceptance of their services by the consumers (Cutlip, Allen & Glen 49). Business organizations have developed and implemented new marketing strategies such as low pricing and extensive distribution of products as well as new public relations strategies in order to receive positive perception from the public.
Every movie theatre has to have an online portal through which it reaches out to its clients. In as much as the Carmike theatre has an official website, the usability that the interface offers is unlike other recognized portals. In this case, a comparison is done against the online portal for Regal Entertainment Group. Improving the outlook of the online portal is one way of improving its perception among the public. It offers a means through which the movie theatre gets marketed to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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