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Infosys and levendary cafe - Case Study Example

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Legendary café has a functional organizational structure with seven different functions being performed by specialized people for each of the function. These functions are: administrative staff group, business development, franchise, food, operations, marketing and concepts…
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Infosys and levendary cafe case
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Extract of sample "Infosys and levendary cafe"

Infosys and levendary cafe case Levendary café What is the type of organizational structure atLevendary Cafe?
Legendary café has a functional organizational structure with seven different functions being performed by specialized people for each of the function. These functions are: administrative staff group, business development, franchise, food, operations, marketing and concepts (Bartlett and Arar 3).
Using the situational factors that determine when a structure is effective, assess whether the structure is effective for the organization, or should they be using a different type of structure?
Effectiveness of a structure is determined by situational factors such as coordination, supervision, allocation of tasks and leadership just to mention a few. This structure has enabled levendary café to score highly with its customers making them visit the restaurants frequently. The functions though many are seemingly well coordinated (though not without challenges) and this is as a result of good and effective leadership starting from the former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Howard Leventhal. With the division of the café into functions, allocation of tasks is easier since there are smaller groups to manage and monitor increasing effectiveness and thus making even the café win awards.
With examples, analyze the culture of Levendary Café in terms of its assumptions, values, norms and artifacts.
The café assumes that having a customer-personalized approach would lead to loyalty and eventually the company making profit which has worked since customers enjoy this approach and become loyal to the organization. Levendary had its values in an excellent customer service and this also formed the norm of the café. The other norms include speed of service and order accuracy. In experimenting with local menu, they won an award for the cheese soup.
How is the China venture challenging some of Levendary’s core culture (give examples and specify if it is challenging a value, assumption etc.)?
One of the values of Levendary café is customer’s comfort and loyalty and this has previously been achieved through having a customer-dictated menu, the signature soup and salads and wooden chairs. This has been ignored in some Chinese cities like Beijing’s Forbidden City and Shanghai’s Yu Garden which is challenging the organizational culture of the café (Bartlett and Arar 8).
With examples, analyze the culture of Infosys in terms of its assumptions, values, norms and artifacts?
The company management assumes that having higher value added services will make them achieve competitive advantage in the Indian IT market and also start being recognized internationally. Its main values include transparency, having effective leadership, customer delight, integrity and fairness. Its main norm includes having frequent meetings to be updated and brainstorm on new ideas of making their company excel and the other is employee satisfaction. Its main artifact is embedded in its brand equity.
Using Hofstede’s dimensions, analyze how the Infosys organizational culture is similar to, or different from the Indian culture.
Hofstede’s cultural dimension explains four dimensions of cultural values. The most applicable of these values is the individualistic-collectivist dimension which seeks to compare the two when it comes to organizational cultures. Comparing Infosys to the other Indian companies, they have different cultures. Indian company organizations are based on individualistic values where families own the companies and seek to hire only their own or benefit only their own (Delong 3). The opposite is true for Infosys which from its conception sought to be collectivist thereby offering all people their company and seeking to equalize and avoid individualism at all costs.
What is the organizational strategy at Infosys?
Infosys uses the bureaucratic organizational strategy where they have the Chairman, CEO, senior managers, middle managers and then the employees at the lowest of the long chain of command.
How are human resource systems used to support the strategy of the organization?
Infosys wanted to expand and needed energetic and motivated employees to do so. This led to hiring young employees fresh from colleges and motivating them through salaries and other remunerations and benefits and even proving channels of having fun like DJ nights and dances.
What are some ongoing problems that they still need to address?
The problem of having the number of issued travel visas by US every year reduced is still at large and this has reduced their customer base and increased employee turnover since traveling earned the employees rewards. There is also the problem of how to effectively manage cultural disparities (Delong 8).
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Bartlett, Christopher and Arar, Han. "Levendary Cafe: The China Challenge (Brief Case)." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 114-358, October 24, 2011.
Delong, Thomas. “Infosys (A): Strategic Human Resource Management.” Harvard Business School, October 16, 2006. Read More
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