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Academic Success - Essay Example

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Different studies on effective study habits, time management, and tapping appropriate support systems have been divulged to contribute to academic success. One affirms that success is first and foremost a matter of personal conviction and commitment to well-defined personal and…
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Academic Success
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Extract of sample "Academic Success"

September 7, Academic Success Different studies on effective study habits, time management, and tapping appropriate support systems have been divulged to contribute to academic success. One affirms that success is first and foremost a matter of personal conviction and commitment to well-defined personal and educational goals. To be successful in college and in different facets of life, one must muster the ability to assume personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is aptly defined as “the ability of a person to maturely respond to the various challenges and circumstances of life” (Wilson par. 1). To be successful, extreme effort needs to be applied to reach one’s goals. Purpose, responsibility, hard work all lead to success. Students who apply these principles have a greater chance of achieving success.
Students need to have a purpose to be successful. Personal and professional goals need to be accurately identified to ensure educational success. At the onset, students should have a deep and genuine desire for growth and development. The identified goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and within an identified time frame. Then, strategies must be appropriately designed towards attaining these goals. Being truly dedicated, motivated, and focused are the characteristics that students need to fulfill the educational endeavor that they desire.
Organization and personal responsibility should be taken seriously. Students need to undergo personal assessments to be true to themselves regarding assuming the needed personal responsibility. Challenges must be anticipated and addressed by working hard and accepting the outcome; especially for situations that are beyond one’s control. Students should be prepared to accept the results of academic efforts; or be able to immediately address imminent weaknesses through improvements and application of academic strategies that would assist in enhancing performance.
Practicing the principles of observing personal responsibility require personal discipline. The principles necessitate exhibiting dedication to achieve defined goals; organizing and prioritizing academic endeavors; earmarking continuous educational growth; applying time management skills; as well as sustaining a focused and well-motivated perspective without being frustrated in tough times. As assuming personal responsibility requires the implementation of a carefully designed plan of action, students need to acquaint themselves on the development of planning strategies and incorporate factors that would assist in facilitating attainment of clearly defined academic goals and keeping stress from the learning environment (Murf). Some strategies could include researching on best practices in terms of applying the most effective study habits; selecting support systems, such as study groups or mentorship; and creating a workable schedule which balances academic pursuits and family life.
Having a purpose, being personally responsible and possessing the genuine desire to be successful are the first stages to achieve the desired goal. At the same time, a student needs to have organizational skills, so that the student can apply appropriate study habits and be able to work hard and study diligently, while reaching their full potentials to achieve their clearly defined personal and academic goals.
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Academic Success Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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