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Canons/DIA case study - Assignment Example

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Engineering code of ethics stipulates the rules of acceptable code of behaviors that any engineer must exhibit while carrying out their professional assignments. These codes of ethics are important as they serve to protect the consumer as well as the engineer from fraud and…
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Canons/DIA case study assignment
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of Affiliation Engineering of Ethics Engineering of ethics stipulates the rules of acceptable of behaviors that any engineer must exhibit while carrying out their professional assignments. These codes of ethics are important as they serve to protect the consumer as well as the engineer from fraud and accidents. Throughout the history of the world, engineering plays a crucial role in so far as safety of humanity is concerned. As such, it is imperative that all engineers prioritize on the safety of the client before their personal interests. Within the provision of engineers’ code of ethics, there are also canons that all engineers must fulfill. Failure to adhere to them might result to a lawsuit and the eventual prosecution. In this paper, focus is on the ethical controversies that surrounded the construction of Denver International Airport in the 1990’s. The primary objective is to identify the canons that were violated as well as the actions of the company that amounted to these violations.
Ball, Ball, & Brosamer (3Bs), a California based Construction Company, was the main runway paving contractor in the construction of DIA. Unfortunately, the contracting company deliberately chose to engage in unethical practices with an aim of maximizing their profit. As revealed later in a case filed by subcontractors, 3Bs altered the recipe for the concrete used in the highway and apron construction. It did this by diluting the concrete with more gravel, sand and water. This action made the runaway and other structures constructed relatively weaker and thus less durable.
Another incident that amounted to violation of the code of ethics surrounds CSI trucking company. This was the other company that was subcontracted to work in conjunction with 3Bs. As it is apparent, CSI colluded with 3Bs to deliver the materials that were required for diluting the cement. The case filed revealed that their intention was to share some of the financial benefits that would results from such unacceptable acts. Unfortunately, 3Bs did not honor the agreement prompting CSI trucking to seek the intervention of the courts of law.
The last incident of violating the engineering code of ethics involves the Empire laboratories, which is a company that was charged with the duty of assessing the allegations made by CSI trucking. The company was expected to collect samples from the runway and report on whether it is true or false that 3Bs used incorrect proportion of cement in the construction work. However, as it was later revealed by admissions of attorneys representing Empire Laboratories, the company deliberately falsified the results of the test in order to shield 3Bs from the legal suite.
Basing on the case study of the construction of Denver International Airport, it is evidently clear that some of the canons were violated by the companies contracted. The first canon is that require engineers to act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees whereas the second one is that prohibiting deceptive works. However, the canon that is grossly violated throughout the three incidents is that that prohibits engineers from using deception. For instance, 3Bs used to deception by using less cement as well as tampering with the computers. Their intention was to maximize their profit by saving on the cement required. Similarly, CSI trucking had colluded with 3Bs to supply the materials needed for dilution of cement. This company understood that this was deception but still went ahead to enter into the deal. Finally, Empire Laboratories’ decision to conceal the actual results of the test reports was an act of deception.
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Engineering Code of Ethics. National Society of Professional Engineers. Retrieved from: Read More
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