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Business enterprises predominantly use cryptography during their storage and transmission of messages carefully for reading by the intended recipients. Cryptography has several…
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Cryptography Application Methods
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Cryptography Application Methods Cryptography Application Methods Cryptography is the process of transforming a text that is clearinto incomprehensible format. Business enterprises predominantly use cryptography during their storage and transmission of messages carefully for reading by the intended recipients. Cryptography has several applications and methods. In the past, it was used in assuring secrecy. The authenticity of the sender and integrity of the media were secured through the use signatures, wax, and other physical attributions. However, the introduction of electronic transfer transformed the use of cryptography into electronic cash. This led to the emergence of debit and credit cards whose applications have since become widespread. This age of information has witnessed the emergence of cryptography a major protection method of applications. This paper will investigate some of the application methods of cryptography together with the systems application in a college university. In a university setup, cryptography has applications in ensuring secrecy in storage, integrity in transmission, authentication of identity and integrity in storage.
Secrecy in storage
The maintenance of the secrecy in storage requires a one key system whereby the user is responsible for the provision of the computer key at the start of the session. After this, the computer takes care of the decryption and encryption during the entire course of its normal use. Indeed, there are numerous hardware devices for automatic encryption of personal computers of all the information that the disk stores. Upon turning on a computer, a user must provide the encryption hardware with a key. Otherwise, the information will be meaningless even in the event that the hard disk is stolen. However, secrecy in storage is not without problems. In an event that the user forgets the key, then the encryption information become unusable. Apparently, encryption only occurs while the information is in storage and not when it is in use.
Integrity in transmission
The electronic money transfer has the danger of invasion by criminals who can tap a system and make false transfers. However, to realize integrity in the transfer of funds, there is need to perform an information checksum before submitting it in the form of encryption. Upon the receipt of this encrypted information, another checksum takes place for comparison after decryption. An agreement of the checksum is an indication that an alteration had occurred to the message. Forging this kind of information is easy. Since a lot of publications and intellectual works occur in universities, integrity in the transmission of this kind of information can be of great help (Delfs & Knebl, 2007).
Credentialing systems
A credential is a document that references a trusted party while introducing one party to the other. It occurs through credentialing a claim by the use of electronic credentials. This helps in verifying information electronically. Today, a lot of information is being integrated into the systems of the smart card. For a university, the electronic credentials can be of great need in verifying information from its partners or within its ranks.
Electronic signatures
These are the modes of offering transactions involving two or more parties in a legally binding way. They are normally tricky to forge but easy to use (Martin, 2012). Besides, the law accepts them as binding. Electronic signatures come in handy when the business dealings are acute and the parties involved are located in different locations from each other. Most universities run exchange programs with their counterparts in far distance lands. In this way, electronic signatures can make the transactions involving programs easier.
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