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Scientific Method in Primary Research - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Scientific Methods in Primary Research Date Scientific Methods in Primary Research Hypothesis is a tentative explanation in research awaiting approval after the research. In most cases, hypothesis can either be null or objective (Jha, 2008)…
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Scientific Method in Primary Research
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Download file to see previous pages In any properly designed scientific study, there must be the control and the treatment groups or cohorts to provide for unbiased study results. The control group is always used as the reference for the study (Valiela, 2001). It should be understood, though, that everything is similar in between the control and the treatment groups except that in the control group, there is no special treatment. For instance, in the study done the control group is the group of eleven mice that were given water. Black coffee here is the special treatment that is given to the other group. It is the effect of the black coffee that is in question in this case. So, to unequivocally report the effect, there must be another group that is treated differently but will be assessed equally for the results expected. This group that is not manipulated constitutes the control group which, in this case, is the group of 11 mice. The effect of black coffee on the sugar level was the core of the study. It then follows that the group that was treated with it remains the treatment group. The results of the treated group and that of the controlled group are always compared when doing a research to enable a sound scientific conclusion. In the event that the two groups show no difference in the sugar content level in blood, a conclusion against the hypothesis will be made. The results of the treated group are compared with those of the controlled group to be able to make unbiased decision after the research. In designing the experiment, the researchers did comply with the scientific methods as all the important areas of doing a scientific study were covered. The interest of the study was clearly stated, which was to determine the effect of black coffee on the sugar level in blood; the hypothesis of the study was stated as well. The material requirements for the study were also enumerated and the methodological process was systematically given. This provided a clear flow of all the procedures and results thereof. The results obtained from the processes were also accompanied with graphs to show the relation of the controlled and the treated groups of mice. Conclusion and recommendations after the study were also given based on the results realized. I, thus, agree with the content of the paper as having satisfied the scientific requirements. Certainly, there is no possible level of biasness in this experiment. This is based on the fact that the experiment was more of analytical than descriptive. This always results in almost no room for biasness. The sugar content in the mice was gauged before and after the experiment, in both the control and treatment cases. In this regard, the results of the study were rather discrete. In addition, most of the processes were inherently taking place within the mice and researcher obviously had no control over them. For example, if black coffee was able to reduce the sugar content in blood as per the report of the study, then the gene expression for the production of insulin must have taken place within the mice. It would then be appreciated that all those were not under the control of the processes. The only route for biasness could be during analysis of the sugar content in the blood given the hypothesis stated before the study. Indeed, from the data given, the hypothesis of the study was perfectly supported and should be construed as the underlying fact of consuming black coffee. The results of figure 2 show the increased level of mRNA in the mice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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