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The moment have changed my life - Essay Example

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This is in spite of being born in a family where everyone was computer literate and utterly proficient in more ways than are conventionally legal. Staring at my parents…
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The moment have changed my life
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Extract of sample "The moment have changed my life"

A moment that changed my life Computers have never been a deal breaker for me, so I never took much interest into them from an early age. This is in spite of being born in a family where everyone was computer literate and utterly proficient in more ways than are conventionally legal. Staring at my parents and siblings do their schoolwork on their computers was just a routine that could not be broken while I just stuck to the traditionalist ways; pen and paper. Then it happened, a strange attraction towards computers when the first lesson in our mathematics class was scheduled on trigonometry. It was fascinating to learn that computers could be used to deliver an entire mathematical lesson with ease of comprehension. This was following a computer simulation that showed the different angles and perspectives of an object that was smiley complicated to understand with only the imagination that I had. It was from this moment that I was drawn to computers and thought of my previous ignorance and withdrawal from them as an act of rebellion, towards my parents in an attempt to be unique from the rest of the family.
Simulations were the first part that got my attention, especially with what could be done to achieve works of art with exceptional detail to aesthetics and concept delivery. The idea of changing abstract concepts into ones that a learner can easily fathom was strangely fascinating, and drew me into joining the computer club in the school and even sought the help of my family. Their skills were exceptional but not in programming for simulations let alone academic content for schoolwork. However, they helped a lot in honing my new interest and even providing me with information concerning on programming and comprehension of code generation, as well as generation of scripts. Therefore, because of the new simulations that the computer club and I generated, we enabled the mathematics teacher to explain the content in improved ways to us; and for that reason our grades kept improving. Understanding was better as so were the incentives we received, as well as the credits we received in extra credit classes. This allowed me to do more content delivery systems for other subjects such as geography and physics with the help of my family and friends. Together we generated scripts and simulations on projections for statistical methods in geography and math and coded projectiles for physics classes.
Extra credit classes and recognition followed as this utterly changed my perspective on school life, and how much time I had wasted hating computers. I began appreciating education more and more as opposed to before. At this moment, I can say that my first trigonometry lesson in math class is the turning point of my perception towards computers and education that has made me into what I am today; a diligent student and one that is willing to work with the education system to improve the learning experiences of other students. For this, I am eternally grateful for the introduction and development of skills in computers all thanks to the mathematics lesson. Read More
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