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Pause for thought............. How does Pinter's use of language and rhythm influence his subtext - Essay Example

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Pinter played a big role in reshaping the theatrical language and set the standard for modern plays. However, today, Pinter’s influence in…
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Pause for thought............. How does Pinters use of language and rhythm influence his subtext
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Extract of sample "Pause for thought............. How does Pinter's use of language and rhythm influence his subtext"

Download file to see previous pages ally gives meaning to the plays, enhance tonalities, brings out the element of characterization, and helps in developing and strengthening of the major themes in the subtexts. The language Pinter uses is highly performative, and this serves as a reinvention to subtext.
The Birthday Party is Pinter’s play that mainly explores the absurd, mysterious, secretive, and insidious forces that underlie the lives of the main characters and their relentless efforts to find peace, normalcy, and acceptance in the natural order (Raby 41; Pinter 752). Therefore, Pinter makes sure to use a language form that will bring out the state of the characters as they are. To achieve this, Pinter uses language aspects such as description, repetition, and syntax. All these in the subtext serve the purpose of bringing out the absurd and confusing elements of the main characters in the play (Pinter 750).
By basing on syntax, as an element of language, the play achieves good description of the relevant scenes. For instance, the playwright uses a combination of both short and long sentences in different scenes of the play. The conversation between Petey and Meg is primarily composed of short sentence: “What?, Is that you?, Yes, its me., What? Yes,” (Pinter 751). This aspect of language use impacts on the subtext in different ways. First, it helps establish the atmosphere in the couple’s house. To an extent, one might read tension in this kind of conversation. Secondly, this aspect of language depicts the nature of relationship between Petey and Meg, in addition to the calm or mundane nature of their existence. The deceptive calm and tranquility is effectively brought out through language in order to be contrasted by the disruption and chaos that is to follow (Pinter 750). Moreover, the short sentences enhance the steady and relaxed rhythm of language, which enhances the description of the characters and the uninterrupted nature of their setting as the play unfolds.
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Pause for thought............. How Does Pinter'S Use of Language and Essay.
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