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STRONG LETTER - Essay Example

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I am very concerned about my education. I do not want to give up at this stage of my life because I am a married person and have three little kids. I have to look after…
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Extract of sample "STRONG LETTER"

Your full full January 21, To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter to appeal for the decision that the board took against me for failing the board exam. I am very concerned about my education. I do not want to give up at this stage of my life because I am a married person and have three little kids. I have to look after them for which I need a regular job. Earlier, I had been working for about 40 hours a week to support my family and myself.
My financial status is not that great. I owe about $300,000 student loan and $40,000 credit card debt. I have to make about $ 2,700 student loan payment monthly along with the credit card payment. Without education, it will be impossible for me to get a suitable job that can help me in paying back my loan. I do not want to be dismissed from the university after coming this far. I assure you that I will focus more on my studies now as I have more time for studies now as compared to before. Earlier, I was the only source of income for my family due to which I did not have much time to spend on studies. However, my life has changed recently. My wife has started working due to which I have more time to study now. It will be difficult for me to cut off from studies at this point of time when I have completed the major portion of my degree. I have completed all of my courses and have met all the requirements of becoming a physician. All I need to do is to pass the board exam to complete my medical degree. I understand the consequences of failing my board exam. I know that I will have no chance for residency in this country without this degree. I also know that without this degree, I will not be able to get any job here in the United States. I may have hard time to practice in the United States, but I can return home where my degree will be very valuable.
I am taking this exam very seriously. It was just a mistake that I made a wrong choice by writing the clinical skills (CS) part before writing the critical knowledge (CK) part in the board exam. I assure you that I will not repeat this mistake if given a chance to continue my study. I have also registered for a program that I think will be very helpful for doing CK, CS, and NYCSPrep. The program director, Dr. Lakshman Somasundararam, is a practicing physician and he has promised to help me. He wants me to complete CK before doing CS. He has also assigned a mentor who will help me in studying CK for the next two months. He can be contacted on my behalf at (917) 349-2605. Please, I am asking for a chance to allow me to pursue my degree. Having come to this point and leaving the institute without the degree will be very upsetting for me. Therefore, I request you to consider my application and give me a chance to continue my education.
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(STRONG LETTER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
STRONG LETTER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“STRONG LETTER Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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