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Types of Cooks - Essay Example

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The essay "Types of Cooks" states that from a general point of view, a cook is someone who has mastered the art of preparing food through self-learning mostly. This creates the distinction between them and chefs where the latter are usually persons that have undergone rigorous training. …
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Types of Cooks
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Extract of sample "Types of Cooks"

Cooks will fall under different categories based on their mannerisms as they prepare various dishes in the comfort of their homes. In this case, mannerisms refer to habits such as using different cutting boards for meats and vegetables or different stirring spoons for every pot. A mother’s cooking will be affected by the fact that she is considered to be the one in charge of the family’s health. Also, one’s personality will affect their classification as a cook. For mothers, if one is a neat person they will clean up after themselves as they prepare their meals. On the contrary, there may be a cook that clutters the whole kitchen during the process of food preparation (Pope). Mothers will also be seen to measure ingredients instinctually; this means they may not follow a recipe to the letter rather they measure as they deem sufficient.
Friends cooking will be determined by the reasons as to why they cook. They may fall under various categories where some cook because they simply enjoy it, some because they want to impress their peers, some because they need to try out a recipe and who better to serve as ‘guinea pigs’ than friends and lastly some cook because they are the ones that play the motherly role of taking care of everyone in the group. Finally, restaurants cooking will be determined by the industry and social standing it holds. This means that if it is a restaurant located in a five-star hotel, it will adopt technical methods of operation such as the French Brigade system that ensures effectiveness and efficiency in the kitchen (Culinary schools). On the other hand, a small-scale restaurant will share out duties among chefs who may be self-taught but under the mentorship of a trained chef.
In conclusion, cooking is an art open to different interpretations by those that choose to do it and for the various reasons they do it. There will be instances where one may feel they have missed a mother’s cooking because of its homey feel, while at times one may desire to relax and unwind with friends cooking and other times one may feel celebratory thus wish to experience restaurant cooking. Read More
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Cooks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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