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Human R - Essay Example

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I am a Saudi Arabian national with a keen interest to work in the healthcare sector as I strongly believe that this industry has a lot of potential and provides immense scope in terms of career growth. The healthcare industry was my first choice when I had to decide on my career…
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Human R
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Extract of sample "Human R"

Please post your response to this assignment in the space provided below (no attachments please). Your response should be a minimum of 500 words andinclude the following:
• A brief description of you, your background, and career aspirations.
I am a Saudi Arabian national with a keen interest to work in the healthcare sector as I strongly believe that this industry has a lot of potential and provides immense scope in terms of career growth. The healthcare industry was my first choice when I had to decide on my career and hence I enrolled myself in the certification course in Special Medical Training from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. As I was interested in specializing in dentistry I further enrolled in an associate’s degree in dental technology from the same institute. I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Management at the Indiana University, South Bend, US. I took up the management degree as I believed that obtaining a degree in management would widen my career choices. A degree in management will always be useful as it forms the core of any given organization.
• Any experiences you have had in the field of human resources directly or indirectly.
I have served as a Healthcare administrator for one year during my industrial apprentice program during which I gained a lot of exposure to healthcare management and truly realized the vital role played by the human resource team in hospitals and other medical organizations. The opportunity also helped me hone my leadership and organizational skills and the ability to handle work pressure. In addition the training also markedly improved my skills in communication, patient advocacy and other related areas which I believe is an important necessity for any human resources personal. Thus with this experience I am confident that I would be able to contribute well to the human resource team in an healthcare organization.
• How you believe this course may impact your future career plans.
Management of the medical fraternity, patient requirements, insurance and other related medical facilities is a highly demanding job. The human resource team plays an important link between all these players and hence forms the core of the organization. Building positive relations with the medical community, patients as well as their families will only strengthen relationships among colleagues and between doctors and their patients. Hence this course will enable me to broaden my understanding about management of human resources which would enable me to contribute significantly in my future jobs and career.
• What you hope to gain from this course. Specifically, what your expectations are for take aways from participating in this course.
I hope to gain a better focus in my career and also equip myself with all the core concepts regarding human resource management. I have come to understand that managing human resources requires tremendous communication skills, ability to tactfully handle issues especially those concerning the patient and also strive to maintain a congenial work environment for the staffs. It also demands a high level of commitment and dedication. I hope this course will help me gain a strong foothold in all the above requirements and thus enable me to serve the healthcare industry to the best of my abilities.
• Anything else youd like to share
My experiences in the certification programs and in the one year intensive job as a healthcare administrator have instilled an urge to make a significant contribution to the healthcare industry. With people management being an important requisite I sincerely hope that this course will help me gain a good insight to all the theoretical aspects and concepts of human resource management. Read More
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