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Information Technology- Security - Research Paper Example

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Information assurance describes the measures that organizations take to protect and restore the quality of information in a bid to enhance the reliability of its sources. According to Herold & Rogers (2011), the concept has many dimensions that include completeness, validity,…
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Information Technology- Security
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Extract of sample "Information Technology- Security"

Information technology- Security Information technology- Security Information Assurances Information assurance describes the measures that organizations take to protect and restore the quality of information in a bid to enhance the reliability of its sources. According to Herold & Rogers (2011), the concept has many dimensions that include completeness, validity, steadfastness, timeliness, integrity and confidentiality. In organizations, the protection of information from unauthorized access and alteration is the main aim of information assurance. As such, the appropriate use of information helps in securing organizations from risks. In the United States, records concerning the use of information indicate that the concept has been fundamental when building the required trust and reliability of the information for consumers. Consequently, the concept has enhanced the availability, integrity, authenticity, confidentiality, and non- repudiation of information as discussed in this piece.
Information assurances policies and its goals, mission and objectives
An organization defines its information assurance policy as a course of actions pursued to enable organizations to obtain information assurance security. As such, the organizations formulate policies that describe appropriate behaviour concerning the use of information. In the contemporary society, the equipments and processes needed to meet the security requirements assist in the formulation of policies that govern the use of data in research (Herold & Rogers, 2011). Consequently, information assurance limits the risks that the misuses of information pose to organizations. Information assurance policies prioritize information based on the capacity of an organization to disseminate risks. Lastly, the policies concerning the use of information enhance privacy in organizations.
Facility management and it role in the protection of organization against threats
The international Facility management association defines facility management as a profession encompassing multiple disciplines that enhances the functionality of the built environment. According ICISA & Park (2009), information assurance helps in making changes to the functional areas of an organization. Customer relation, time management, business continuity and financial awareness are some of the activities that are prone to information insecurities. Therefore, organizations need to monitor their security in order to function effectively. The management should also regulate the transmission of information in its physical form. This guarantees safe storage and usage of information. According to ICISA & Park (2009), quick response to threats changes reduces risks such as obsolescence and misuse of information.
The application of information assurance concept to basic security
Information assurance entails the protection of information and information system by upholding their availability, authenticity, integrity, non- repudiation and confidentiality. According to ICISA & Park (2009), the concept facilitates the restoration of information system by incorporating protection, detection and reaction capabilities. In addition, information assurance protects information from unauthorized access. Organizations use this basis in securing their information from intrusion by hackers. Successful monitoring systems only grants access to a few individual. There is a connection between security and the accessibility of information in an organization. In conclusion, the protection of information is essential to the security in organizations. Hence, the minimization of risks is basis for the formulation of policies in organizations. Besides, organizations should protect their information at all costs because information assurance is fundamental to success in organizations.

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International Conference on Information Security and Assurance (ICISA) , & Park, J. H. (2009). Advances in information security and its application: Third international conference, ISA 2009, Seoul, Korea, June 25-27, 2009: proceedings. Berlin: Springer. Read More
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Information Technology- Security Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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