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Technology has a significant role in my life. Sometimes, it appears to play an unethical role in my life when it comes to access of my personal information and data through technology. There is mostly possible access to my personal information is through the social websites,…
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Big brother assignment
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Paul (Paul Wirth) Big Brother Big Business and Section Number Technology has a significant role in my life. Sometimes, it appears to play an unethical role in my life when it comes to access of my personal information and data through technology. There is mostly possible access to my personal information is through the social websites, car tracker and the phone calls or messages record kept by the companies. It brings about the fear of unknown companies or sources tracking my behavior and keeping record of it as it may be used against me in some way (CNBC Originals Big Brother, Big Business).
2. The video seen related to the technology advancement shows that the Americans are being monitored by the companies, and big businesses are through keeping phone-call records, tracking their cars and through the colored printed copies one can get from a shop or office, which is without people’s knowledge and is unethical as these data mining companies do not inform people before hatching their information and data through different sources and later they may use it for making justice acts or planning something hurtful for the person. Such situations become abusive and offending for people who are unaware of their daily life being on record by someone.
3. Even when it comes to protecting one’s information from data-mining and surveillance industries, through the information-technology security one should know that no system is foolproof. One should limit access of any sensitive information, use strong passwords, change and update them regularly. Keeping financial information private would help in a way. These things should be considered while talking on the phone or messaging.
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CNBC Originals Big Brother, Big Business. 11 January 2006. 30 June 2014 . Read More
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Big Brother Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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