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Big brother show - Research Paper Example

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Every media content just as any other artistic product is a representation of the cultural features of a society. The media content must always have relevance to the audience group in order to sell; the media is a business and relies on the appropriateness of their product to the audience to survive. …
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Big brother show
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Download file to see previous pages The relevance of a media product encompasses political, social, technological, and cultural features. With urbanization and globalization, societies integrated resulting in cultural and contextual fusions. Because of the integration, social and cultural features became common as the media became an integral influencer of cultures (Kopp and Max 25). The increased human interaction broke the previously existing definitive cultures resulting in independent families with relative lifestyles. In such societies, the consumption of media content thus becomes relative as some of the features of television shows require social advisories and have relative relevance to the contemporary social and cultural structures as presented in the analysis of the Big brother show below. The Big brother show is one of the most watched television programs globally; the program is a reality show measuring the adaptability of housemates to different environments. It is a personality evaluation program. The multibillion-dollar program selects participants from all over Africa and converges them in a single institution for a duration of two months a period within which the moderators evaluate their personality traits and their ability to adapt to the new metropolitan environment. While at the facility, the contestants face numerous challenges and evaluated on their ability to overcome the different social, cultural, and political challenges. The program has massive viewership and the organizers continue to market the show through the social media such as Facebook and twitter thus creating a big international viewership for their show. Just as with any other media product in the contemporary society, the show presents a number of both disadvantages and disadvantages thereby imploring relative consumption and assimilation of the ideas it represents. Africa is a multi-ethnic society with hundreds of smaller societies each speaking different dialects. The different societies thus exhibited diverse cultural practices effectively communicated through their different native languages. However, with colonization the different African states further adopted different European languages such as English, French, and German among others, which thus became their official languages. The Big Brother show draws participants from these societies indiscriminately creating a virtual society with several smaller cultures. The Big Brother show is a typical representation of a modern social setup, the show seeks to integrate the countries in Africa by uniting the people in their differences. Most of the participants and their fans align their likeness or hatred of the different countries depending on the nature of the relationship among them while at the house. The show’s main objective is to unite Africa thereby developing a cohesive society that share cultural and social values despite their differences (Andrejevic 33). Different African countries have previously had civil wars and political conflicts thus disintegrating the societies further. Such a social television program as the Big Brother provides an effective social platform for uniting the disintegrated countries. Citizens of a country unite and rally behind contestants from their countries a feature that effectively unites the diverse ethnic groups in the countries. The fans interact extensively on the social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among others. In the normal political context, such societies fight and antagonize each other for presenting conflicting political and social ideologies. However, during their patronage of the Big Brother show, they all unite thereby presenting similar views and support about the different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Big Brother Show Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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