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While some of us take our privacy seriously apparently, David takes us on a tour that reveals that maybe we are not as private as we would want to think we are. Companies are using advanced technology to monitor our every move, the driving habits are being recorded by travel…
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Summary Report - Electronic Privacy
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YourFirst YourLast Electronic Privacy: "Big Brother Big Business" While some of us take our privacy seriously apparently, David takes us on a tour that reveals that maybe we are not as private as we would want to think we are. Companies are using advanced technology to monitor our every move, the driving habits are being recorded by travel companies, the phone records are being monitored, browser history is being stored and the government uses as evidence in a court of law. The documentary shows how biometric technology is being used by the FBI, the border patrol and even in schools after the companies collect the data about the people the government is then using it against the people. David shows the audience how surveillance can be malicious if it lands on the wrong hands. He reveals how a former employer steals his fired employees phone records, a woman who loses his job due to mistaken identity. He also shows how a man discovers that his rental car company was tracking him every move.
While most people will take the freedom they enjoy for granted, David utilizes the documentary to remind us that freedom is a precious thing and should not be taken for granted. Many people would want to keep their email conversations to themselves, the text messages we send to remain a conversation between ourselves and the recipient but that is not the case anymore. The governments super machines sift through all this communication data and archive them.
The documentary also introduces to the viewers to the little known department of AOL, which works closely with law enforcement agencies on request for individuals information. These companies are monitoring the employees, shoppers and diners observed and analyzed. Bank records and financial statements, communication trends and patterns, are being monitored stored and archived for future references if need is. It is clear now that with technology comes with challenges and one of them is the loss of freedom.
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Summary Report - Electronic Privacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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