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Glocalisation: economics versus culture - Essay Example

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The local media markets have provided opportunities for diverse media product and a reversal of the traditional flow of media products from the Western…
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Glocalisation: economics versus culture
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Extract of sample "Glocalisation: economics versus culture"

Download file to see previous pages satellite televisions that were previously dominated the Western markets have now moved to emerging markets such as Asia, and Southern American countries. Technology advancements such as the internet and powerful mobile communication devices such as iPods have eliminated the location barriers in data communication and information sharing (Sparks 2007).
Competition among cable and satellite news networks has led to new programming methods that aim at attracting viewers. The overall Television network schedules have improved, and consumers have a more diverse menu that incorporates the local market content. Most of the multinational companies have localized their content to the needs of the markets. For instance, Forbes magazine is now available for all the continents including Africa. The soap operas in most countries reflect the local culture in character and plot. Nigerian Nollywood films have been sold in different parts of the world including Europe and Asia, but they display the local culture and lifestyles of African people. Star Television that is owned by Murdoch has established considerable market presence in Indian market thus forcing the local television channels to change their strategy or lose audience. For instance, Discovery Channel that was a cable television channel in the US in 1985 now commands several TV channel networks across the globe through localization of the content (Barker 1997).
Contemporary media channels such as You Tube, social networking platforms like Twitter have localized the media content. These digital media channels have enhanced the globalization of media industry. For instance, more than 70 percent of the face book users live outside the United States. Three quarters of all Face Book users have expressed a desire of information on a certain product brand in the advertisements by clicking the ‘like’ button. The spread of internet in remote areas like South Korea has enabled the population to embrace multiplayer gaming. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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