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Review ch 5 ( Conflicts of responsibility ) from the (The Responsible Administrator...) and chose any article and make relation - Book Report/Review Example

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Cooper provides a practical means of dealing with tight spot situations that public administrators go through. The chapter traverses the concept of dilemma in administration skillfully, giving illustrations of different…
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Review ch 5 ( Conflicts of responsibility ) from the book (The Responsible Administrator...) and chose any article and make relation
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"Review ch 5 ( Conflicts of responsibility ) from the (The Responsible Administrator...) and chose any article and make relation"

Download file to see previous pages Public administrators run the risk of violating social bargains that emphasize collaboration that engage legal, customary and moral requirements.
Cooper divides the conflicts of responsibility into three broad categories. The classification of conflicts is not conventional. The author bases the categories on previous experiences in the earlier chapters of the book as well as the unique cognitive style in his approach. He recognizes the conflicts of authority, conflicts of interest and conflicts of role as the three chief classes of dilemma in public administration. The writer gives an in-depth description of conflicts and gives illustrations with case studies.
Conflict of authority comes about as a result of responsibilities imposed upon an administrator by two or more sources of authority. These sources of authority could include the law, elected officials, organizational superiors or the public. A public administrator feels torn between when one source of authority demands a course of action completely incompatible with the demands of another source of power. For instance, an administrator’s boss could require him to perform duty A while an elected official demands the same administrator to perform duty B. The administrator finds himself in a tight spot and confusion, not sure of what to do. He must, therefore, be guided by his moral authority to do what is right for the organization he represents.
Role conflict is exhibited when an administrator has to perform his duty as an manager as well as another position held in the society. This could include his position as a religious leader, a parent or a business person. An example is the dilemma involved in a catholic faithful working as an administrator in an organization that promotes the use of condom. Conflicts of interest occur when the public administrator’s interests are at odd with his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Review Ch 5 ( Conflicts of Responsibility ) from the Book (The Report/.
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