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Scottish Literature: Laura Hird Born Free - Essay Example

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In order to study the literary usage of postmodern in the story, it is significant to evaluate the literary elements or devices of the Scottish after-modernist…
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Scottish Literature: Laura Hird Born Free
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Extract of sample "Scottish Literature: Laura Hird Born Free"

Download file to see previous pages It will not be incorrect to state that the author Laura Hird has made use of different literary devices in order to convey the socio-cultural outlook of Scotland. It should be noted that Laura Hird is not the first one to contribute to the after-modernist literature with the application of literary devices such as narratives. The Scottish literature during the post modernism era has enabled people to look at the different dimensions of their society through the lens of stories. It is because of this reason that the authorship in the Born Free has taken postmodernism as a realism support (Williamson 2009).
It should be noted that one of the qualities of post-modernist era of Scottish literature is the breakdown of narratives. This is one literary device which has also been evaluated in the story Born Free. The author has taken the viewpoints of four different characters in order to provide the ideals to people to whom the readers can relate. This can be considered as a breakdown of narrative voice throughout the story. In addition, postmodernist literature is more likely to adhere to narratives which are nationalistic. By the usage of word nationalistic means that the readers can actually see themselves and people around them in the character narratives. Unlike modernism, post modernist literature is devoted to show realism rather than telling stories as a fairytale manner (Walsh 2009).
The fact remains that the readers would consider Born Free as a fairy tale because there is more than one perspective being projected through the context of different characters. Firstly, its Angie who seems to take the stance of the leading character in the story also referred to as protagonist. The narratives through the account of Angie shows a woman who is correct on her point as she needed love and support the most. On the other hand, Angie’s offspring think ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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