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Which tiotropium device to use and why - Essay Example

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This Tiotropium device is used by asthma patients to treat the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).
Due to this disease, patients suffer…
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Which tiotropium device to use and why
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Extract of sample "Which tiotropium device to use and why"

Tiotropium Device of Tiotropium Device Tiotropium device is a bronchodilator which belongs to the group of medicaince terms as anti-muscarinic bronchodilator. This Tiotropium device is used by asthma patients to treat the symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD).
Due to this disease, patients suffer cough and breathlessness as COPD causes restrictions in the airflow to lungs. Through Tiotropium device medication is inhaled in the lungs to relax the muscles of the air passage (1).
Tiotropium device medication is prescribed to prevent to wheeziness, shortness of breath and problem in breathing due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Health practionaers have noted that COPD belong to large group of disease that badly injursed the lungs and airways such as chronic bronchitis, in such condition air passage that lead to the lungs gets swells and in a condition like emphysema air sacs of the lungs are badly damaged (2). Tiotropium device is green-colored small inaler and it is useful for controilling COPD, but it is not meant for curing this disease, also it does not provide any benefit instantly, but it takes few weeks to make a patient remain for 24 hours and help relief symptoms for one day (3).
Types of Tiotropium Device
There are two types of Tiotropium devices, on with capsulesm which contain medicated powder termed as Tiotropium bromide, medically named as Spiriva. It is a white or yellowish powder and it has specifically for muscarinic receptors (4). Another type of Tiotropium device is a cartridge type with liquid used in therapeutic dose (1).
Advantages of Tiotropium Device Asthmatic patients are benefitted from tiotropium device as it is handy and easy to carry everywhere along. Tiotropium device containing Spirivia is much effective to increase the functioning of the lungs in COPD sufferers. Another advantage of its use over other competitive devices and similar methods is that it is used only once in a day unlike other drugs those are needed to be taken at least three times in a day. The content of one capsule is 18 micrograms. Its use also decreases exacerbation that ultimately reduces hospitalization procedures for the patient (4). Disadvantages of Tiotropium Device
Some of the predicted disadvantages of the tiotropium device use are that some patients can experience appearance of white patches on their mouth or throat. Sometimes, patients suffer swallowing or bitter taste problems while eating as tiotropium increases the likelihood of a sore throat. Additionally, users of tiotropium can also be subjected to problems like blurred vision and upset stomach (3).
Tiotropium Warnings:
Tiotropium should not be used in the following individuals:
Patients of narrow-angle, glaucoma, or prostate problems 
Those who have difficulty inurination process or other kidney problems
In patients who are on medication including ipratropium or oxitropium.
Also, if any patient is allergic to tiotropium or any other component of Spiriva, should not use capsule form of tiotropium device, otherwise it can cause minor to severe rashes, itching, or swelling in throats (5)/
$117 is an approximate monthly cost of using tiotropium daily once in a day.
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Which Tiotropium Device to Use and Why Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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