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Courage at work - Essay Example

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Doctors regularly find themselves in ethically questionable situations that mostly conflicts with their personal and professional values. As professionals, we doctors find ourselves in situations that…
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Courage at work
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Extract of sample "Courage at work"

Courage at work Patient advocacy requires doctors to support and protect their patients. Doctors regularly find themselves in ethically questionable situations that mostly conflicts with their personal and professional values. As professionals, we doctors find ourselves in situations that require us to demonstrate moral courage. Sometimes when influential people in the ministry of health department want to benefit under the expense of patients, then we doctors need to show moral courage in an attempt to fights for these helpless patients.
In my early age of twenty five, I got promoted to the position of a senior doctor in one of the main national hospitals in Kenya. Though the task was monumental for me at that early age, I gained courage and effectively rose to the big task that awaited me. I perfectly run the hospital well for two consecutive years. After completion of my first two years, an extremely critical decision that I have never faced in my entire career faced me.
Overreact senior member in the ministry of health came knocking at my door with a hefty offer. The gentleman wanted me to append my signature as a sign of acceptance for the ministry to import Anti-revival drugs from United State. The deal showed that the government was importing first class drugs from United State. So the gentleman wanted to collude with me as a senior doctor so that he could import counterfeit drugs from China.
There stood a conflicting situation on whether to agree to deal or to follow my conscious and act on the welfare of the patients. Luckily the urge inside me to protect the patient welfare won. I gained courage and disagreed to the deal. Luckily I tricked the officer, and I managed to record the conversation on my computer. After reputing the deal, I got demoted. I was transferred, to an exceedingly local dispensary in extremely remote area.
However I did not regret my courageous action to protect the innocent patients who in the beginning of my professional I swore to. They successfully managed to forge their way though and luckily succeeded in importing the counterfeit drugs. Before they got distributed to relevant hospitals, the quality department issued an order to stop the distribution of drugs. A thorough research followed, and drugs were found to be counterfeit. I was asked to testify. I used the recorded conversation with the senior guy who had made me got demoted.
The senior gentleman and his puppet who was appointed after my demotion lost their job. They were held by police for further investigation and prosecution. Luckily the president of the nation recognized my effort to protect the rights of the helpless in the society. I was rewarded heavily. I got promoted to serve as the permanent secretary in the ministry of health, a position jam holding up to date.
Lesson learnt
Sometimes we need to show a willingness to stand up and act according to ethical beliefs when we get faced up by the task that threaten moral values, regardless of the perceived risk like loss of job that may result from it. Read More
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Courage at Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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