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Socail processes and practices on identity development - Essay Example

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Researches on identity development concerning social processes and practices have largely focused on individuals’ social…
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Socail processes and practices on identity development
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Extract of sample "Socail processes and practices on identity development"

Download file to see previous pages 2002, pp. 359-378). Social processes and practices consider disability to result from disabled persons as an oppressed group and restrictions. This paper critically evaluates and examines social processes and practices on the development of identity.
Impairment encompasses a functional limitation produced by deficiency. On the other hand, disability includes all exclusions due to social or physical barriers and it incorporates persons in other socially excluded groups such as ethnic minorities, poor persons, and women. Individual and collective identities remain determined by motivational, cognitive, and social processes and practices. The orientation of social dominance centers on the degree to which a group or person would wish and support a group’s hierarchy, along with the dominance of superior social groups over inferior groups. In addition, the impact of social processes and practices would be moderated by identity. Contextual practices or situational processes would not affect gender differences in orientation of social dominance (Guimond et al. 2003, pp. 697-712).
The orientation of social dominance mediates the relationship between attitudes towards identity and social processes or practices in the framework of a subjective classification system set or self-selection. In addition to self-selection, the impact of the social processes and practices causes significant changes in beliefs and attitudes in several ways conditional on the situational context of the personality model. On the other hand, the outcomes of a social group model indicate that the acquisition of dominant identity remains significant to the socialization process. This change could also be attributed to cognitive psychology, as individuals would want to justify their identity in social activities. Hence, in establishing the identity of a disabled person, it would be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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