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Role of Stakeholders in Strategic Planning Process - Essay Example

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For a strategic planning process to come about for IUCN, it is fundamental to understand what the long term objectives of this…
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Role of Stakeholders in Strategic Planning Process
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Extract of sample "Role of Stakeholders in Strategic Planning Process"

ID Lecturer Role of Stakeholders in Strategic Planning Process A non-profit organization chosen for this paper is the environmental agency by the name of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). For a strategic planning process to come about for IUCN, it is fundamental to understand what the long term objectives of this non-profit organization are and how it wishes to achieve strategic success. The explanation that can be provided to the stakeholders in the wake of initiating and agreeing on this strategic planning process comprise of the measures which shall enact ways and means through which community building and participative domains would be established (Deimler, 2008). These will also oversee steps which will ask of the local publics to act accordingly in order to solicit a response which is not only appropriately driven but also geared to achieve their active participation. These remain some of the important ingredients behind understanding the relevant realms, as these will harness the basis of IUCN in the long run.
The environmental degradation, uplifting of global standards and similar other initiatives will be bolstered immensely if the stakeholders are told about the precise strategic planning process which will be put into place. Once the strategic planning process is initiated, IUCN’s stakeholders need to agree on its different clauses so that tasks become easier and more manageable than they would be at the outset of such a strategic planning process (Ghobadian, 2002).
The key ingredients that would be required on their part are an understanding that IUCN’s strategic planning process would deliver results if it is given a chance to manifest itself. Also there will be a comprehensive outlook of how the strengths and weaknesses weigh along with one another. This will put things in comparison and ask of the stakeholders to know about things which are of essence beforehand.
The major roles that these stakeholders shall play include the basis of their agreement with the strategic planning process for IUCN as well as paving the way forward for achieving the end objectives and goals of the strategic planning process. It will help put things in proper perspective and ask IUCN to devise a very firm process in the first place. Their roles would comprise more of decision-making than bringing a sense of business for IUCN. Therefore proper definition of assigning roles would put things into proper perspective and resolve issues which remain fundamental to its cause (Hussein, 2008).
As for IUCN, it is one of the most sought after names within the non-profit world where the onus is on correcting the environmental domains more than anything else. This comes about naturally for IUCN since its offices are spread all over the world. The stakeholders are indeed the ‘friends’ of IUCN who facilitate in its message and its plans to make sure that everything takes place in an agreeable manner. IUCN caters to the changing environmental requirements globally as well as proactively envisions a world where environmental hazards are kept at a distance (Shaw, 2012). This helps the UN charter of having a world free of pollution and degradation for the numerous societies of the world.
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