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A letter - Essay Example

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Last October, I left AirAsia X and worked for AirAsia Narita in Japan so I could live nearby to take care of my mother, who was diagnosed with a psychiatric problem. Recently, my father has retired so he takes care of my mother. Although she is still suspected of dementia, she…
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A letter
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Extract of sample "A letter"

First, I would like to thank you for your kind support to AirAsia X, and I hope that you do not mind me suddenly getting in touch with you. While itis difficult for me to ask, I am writing to see if you would be able to help me again. However, I would like to tell you about my current state first.
Last October, I left AirAsia X and worked for AirAsia Narita in Japan so I could live nearby to take care of my mother, who was diagnosed with a psychiatric problem.. Recently, my father has retired so he takes care of my mother. Although she is still suspected of dementia, she has almost recovered from psychiatric disorder now. Upon her recovery, my mother eventually realized that the reason I came back to Japan was to watch over her. Now, she feels responsible for my decision of giving up my dream job in AirAsia X that she keeps saying she wants me to go back to the place where I longed for. I have put up with it, but now, I am finally torn apart for being in Japan and working in AirAsia Narita.
For such mental stress, I am feeling regretful for my own decision to go back to Japan, and I cannot cope with my current workplace (AirAsia Japan). Some time ago, I took a leave of absence as I suffered from severe headache that I often missed work. It is painful for me to work in AirAsia Japan. After that, I saw a doctor several times and the symptoms disappeared after an adequate rest; however, the doctor said that it is physical and mental anxiety that is affecting me. He said that it is all right for me to return to work, but it is necessary to distance myself from my mother and return to AirAsia X in order to work in mentally stable conditions.
As soon as I heard that my mother was mentally ill, I just lost it and decided to transfer to AirAsia Japan for her. However, the consequence was not desirable as I mentioned. Even my doctor recommended returning to AirAsia X. It would definitely be a pleasure for me to return, but I am very sorry for asking this favor for I, myself asked you to send me to Japan in the past.
I do realize how selfish it is for me to request to be transferred back to AirAsia X since I do not know if my previous visa and working permit are still valid, but with your permission. I really hope to return to AirAsia X again as per doctor’s recommendation.
I already consulted AirAsia Japan and my superior, Ms. Yuka, about this request. According to her, they would be willing to let me go if AirAsia X agrees to take me back.
If you provide me with a chance to work for AirAsia X again, I am willing to shoulder all the costs for the transfer (travel expense, etc.). Furthermore, I would like to assure you that any circumstances such as this would not happen again because my father can constantly be with my mother now.
Again, I am sorry for such a sudden and selfish request. I am hoping that you would consider giving me a chance to return to AirAsia X again.
I am looking forward to your kind response. Thank you. Read More
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