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The common causes of crime in the world - Research Paper Example

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Recently, almost every country in the world has experienced an increase in crime rates. Hamm argues that, “efforts have been employed to describe terrorism through the context of changing…
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The common causes of crime in the world
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Extract of sample "The common causes of crime in the world"

Download file to see previous pages Every country has a certain common crime amongst its citizens. Most of these crimes result to deaths of either the offenders or the offended, and sometimes, both parties. Research indicates that most victims of crime are the young people. This paper will seek to establish and validate that economy; drug use, TV violence, and a lack of law enforcement are four common causes of crime in the world.
In the 1990s, there was a low crime rate in the US compared to other proceeding years. This is attributed to the economic boom during the 1990s decade. This is majorly considered being because of low rate of unemployment and increased per capita income. However, during as economic recession, crime rate has been on the increase all over the world (Martin, 2012). There are many reasons behind the decrease in crime rate during economic prosperity ranging from strong support on the police department and law enforcement agencies to sufficient income among citizens to satisfy their needs. This means that citizens are less likely to involve themselves in crime in pursuit of means for survival, and increased law intervention is likely to caught people with intentions to commit crime due to stable support from financial resources.
When there is no enough money to support the crime police unit and the law enforcement agencies, only a few policies and strategies are implemented giving criminals an opportunity to boost their crime activities. When inflation rate is high, people tend to involve themselves in black street market in order to provided cheaper goods. Inflation means high cost of living that many people may not afford put up with forcing them to adopt other means of survival. For example, high house rates may force some people the vacate house and look for cheaper ones that they are able to pay rent without much struggle (Hamm, 2007). The vacated houses may stay ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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