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The Causes of Crime - Research Paper Example

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According to Darrow, the author of Crime: Its Causes and Treatment, “Strictly speaking, a crime is an act forbidden by the law of the land, and one which is considered sufficiently serious to warrant providing penalties for its commission” (Darrow, 2007:6)…
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The Causes of Crime
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Extract of sample "The Causes of Crime"

Download file to see previous pages For understanding crime in-depth, one needs to first identify the root causes which actually lead to its commitment. A study of the reasons of crime will go a long way in preventing crime thereby preventing the subsequent punishments. It has been correctly said, “Punishment deals with the symptoms of crime, whereas prevention deals with the root causes” (Talidari, n.d.). It is imperative to coherently investigate and analyze the factors which stimulate the adoption of crimes. Once the causes of crime are thoroughly identified, then only steps for preventing it can actually be formulated. An in-depth knowledge of the causes of crime will enable us to live in a safe and fear-proof society.
Many criminologists have come forward with their various theories on the factors which are responsible for committing crimes. While the choice theory suggests that an individual enters into doing erroneous field by his or her free will and hence should be severely punished, the theory of positivism argues that an individual may be exhibiting criminal behavior as it was inherited to him or her from childhood, or as he or she is a victim of any mental or psychological disorder. There are studies which show that the lifestyle adopted the intake of drugs and alcohols, the playing of hormones can lead to the adoption of criminal activities.
The primary causes of crime can be due to poverty, lack of education, unemployment, peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, the paucity of love, easy access to information and weapons through black-markets and internet, playing aggressive games, watching violent programs on television, and many more!
When we actually delink ourselves from the enlightened source we land up at wrong places at wrong times taking wrong actions (Talidari, n.d.). By digging the root causes of crime, we can truly prevent its occurrence.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Causes of Crime Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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