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About the history - Essay Example

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In doing so, the paper will discuss both the external and internal factors, which contributed to the dissolution of this empire. In addition, the paper will discuss how and why the…
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About the history
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Extract of sample "About the history"

Download file to see previous pages This period lasted from the Alexander Severus’ death to the reign of Diocletian. During this period, the Empire witnessed rapid changes of emperors. Despite the turbulent times that the empire went through, it succeeded in sustaining itself. However, this crisis precipitated the splitting of the empire into two divides, one comprising of the Eastern Empire while the other comprised of the Western Empire. The splitting of the empire into the eastern and western empires can be regarded as one of the internal factors, which contributed to the dissolution of the Roman Empire (Gibbon, Lentin & Norman, 1998).
Another internal factor that contributed to the dissolution of the Roman Empire included the antagonism between the emperor and the senate. The emperor had the power to make decisions with regard to issues related to religion, civil affairs, and the military affairs of the Empire. The Senate acted as the advisory body to the Emperor. As a result of the powers accorded to his office, the emperor became. This led to numerous disagreements between the emperors and the senators, thus leading to the dissolution of the Empire (Gibbon, Lentin & Norman, 1998).
Another internal factor that contributed to the dissolution of the Roman Empire included the decline in morals within the empire. The rich upper class, the emperor, and the nobility became immoral, and this had a negative impact on the empire. Some of the immoral behaviors that characterized the empire included sexual immorality, which entailed orgies and adultery. The immoral behaviors of the empire also encompassed the keeping of young boys for the purposes of pleasure by Emperor Tiberius (Gibbon, Lentin & Norman, 1998).
Other internal factors that can be attributed to the dissolution of the Roman Empire included forced prostitution, which used to be common in brothels. The masses got angered by such acts and expressed their bitterness towards the empire. This had a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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About the History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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