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Shall We Dance - Essay Example

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In Japan, people like a successful salary man Shohei Sugiyama, find managing everything right as essential thing to do in order to balance work and personal life. These people always find the opportunity to draw the line between the personal career and individual life.
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Shall We Dance
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Extract of sample "Shall We Dance"

Download file to see previous pages People when exposed to the urban life have to strongly adapt the way the life must go in there. However, just like Sugiyama who lives in the suburb, way far beyond the very demanding city life, he must face the reality, and that is to create a balancing act between varying roles and the desired personal achievements.
In this paper, the proponent tries to explicate the very point on how a built environment comes into existence on the basis of the movie film “Shall we dance?” For this reason, the proponent clearly elaborates the need to understand actual daily life’s activities and the places normally that have to be taken into account by the Japanese together with their existing culture in order to fulfill personal achievements and to go on with life. Substantial idea about the community environment, as a component of planning, is integrated in the discussion, prior to considerable understanding of the actual built atmosphere.
Japanese people are known for their positive outlook, to make them move forward to ensure hard work with respect to their personal career and development. As a result, they need to face the demanding and challenging environment of the workplace. This is how they would respond to the way they should take everything.
Job could have been so stressful for them, and as just what Sugiyama would want to point up in the film. They need to find something that could help them not to be exhausted by the very taxing nature of their work and working lifestyle conditions. As a result, Japanese people need to go around, not in an unproductive manner, but with full of sense just to release the tautness they must have acquired from work.
For this reason, there are many places in Japan, especially somewhere in the urban areas where Japanese would call and find them as sakariba, the “zone of evaporation between work and home” (Hendry, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Shall We Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Shall We Dance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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