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Writing a proposal for in conflict management design system - Case Study Example

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To streamline a company’s operations, an effective conflict management system should be established. The conflict management system’s responsibility is to prevent escalation of conflicts that may hinder corporate…
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Writing a proposal for case study in conflict management design system
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Extract of sample "Writing a proposal for in conflict management design system"

Conflict Management Systems Conflict Management Systems Conflicts can be very costly to an organization’s operation. To streamline a company’s operations, an effective conflict management system should be established. The conflict management system’s responsibility is to prevent escalation of conflicts that may hinder corporate performance. A conflict management system provides a company with expertise, support and guidance when approaching a conflict. The company needs to involve conflict management system consultants in developing an effective conflict management system. The conflict management system to be adopted should be comprehensive by covering the three approaches used in conflict resolution. The system should be able to resolve conflicts using the interest based approach, the rights based approach and the power based approaches.
For conflict management systems to be successful, organizations should be commited to educate its employees on positive values and beliefs that are associated with conflict. The organization should commit itself to educate its employees on behaviour that is compatible with successful conflict management systems. The employee attitudes towards conflicts should be neutral. The organization should commit resources’ in educating employees on the need to avoid perceiving a conflict as a situation whose outcome is about gains and loses. This is because a conflict management system will work if the mindset of employees is not tilted in the direction of a blaming mindset. Allowing for elimination of a blaming mind set ensures that the conflict management system assists in handling conflicts in a constructive manner. This will significantly reduce unproductive employee time, work place stress and litigation (Bercovitch & Jackson, 2009).
The organization should provide open communication systems vital for the working of conflict resolution systems. Once the organization commits itself to having an open communication system, it will have provided a ground for the working of the conflict resolution system, by eliminating the mistrust between employees and managers. For the conflict management system to work the organization should ensure that it commits itself to avail primary decision making centers in the organization’s structure. Moreover, the organization needs to put up decision making centers that are cooperative. This will promote consensus and facilitation when the systems are used for conflict resolution.
The project intends to achieve myriad objectives through the conflict resolution systems. The system will ensure that conflicts are prevented through building awareness on the types of conflicts that occur at the work place. The awareness has the ultimate goal of minimizing the number of potential conflicts that can take place at the workplace. The conflict management system will also ensure that conflicts are solved with urgency and immediately they occur. This is in view of preventing the personal and organizational costs relating to conflict resolution (Bercovitch & Jackson, 2009).
Furthermore, having conflict resolution system achieves the goal of involving directly those affected by the conflict. The project will be implemented in three phases. The first phase will be pre-evaluation of whether the systems are appropriate to the organization’s environment. This phase will take three weeks. The following phase will take one month. This phase will be used to pilot the conflict management system in the organization. After piloting the organization will be required to implement fully the conflict management system. The implementation is estimated to take six months. The timeline for the project will be seven months and three weeks. The client is expected to receive updates for the project on weekly basis. This is a way through which the client gets involved in the project by evaluating progress.
Bercovitch, J., & Jackson, R. (2009). Conflict Resolution in the Twenty-First Century: Principles, Methods, and Approaches. Michigan: University of Michigan Press. Read More
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