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Letter to an Extra-Terrestrial Alien - Essay Example

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How are you? I hope you are doing okay. The last time we met you had asked me about my planet and this planet’s history. Well, I am from the planet Earth, as you know, and it has many countries and other places. I will probably send you a book if I write about all of that…
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Letter to an Extra-Terrestrial Alien
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Extract of sample "Letter to an Extra-Terrestrial Alien"

Download file to see previous pages So, he asked help from the king and queen of Spain who eventually agreed to support him. During his search, he accidentally found land which he thought was Asia but was really the Caribbean islands as they are called now. Columbus eventually made three more trips to the “New World” and established a settlement on one of the islands. He was made Governor but his abusive rule caused the loss of his reputation, title and wealth.
Hernando Cortes or Cortes also came from Spain but his expedition brought him to Mexico. Here, Cortes built a settlement and made friends with the inhabitants, people called the Aztecs. The natives thought that Cortes was part of a prophecy and so they accepted him warmly. Later on, the two groups disagreed with each other. While Cortes was away to fight another Spanish group who was trying to capture him, the Aztec revolted in the capital, Tenochtitlan and eventually the Spanish left the city. In 1521, Cortes and his men returned to Tenochtitlan, conquered the Aztecs and established a new settlement which is now known as Mexico.
As you may have noticed when Columbus and Cortez came to the “New World” there were already people living on the islands. It is believed that groups of people called the Paleo-Indians were already inhabitants of the “New World” before the Europeans came. The Paleo-Indians were hunters. There are two theories of how they came to America. One is that they supposedly followed mammoths, their source of food, using a land bridge when the sea level was very low. Another theory is that they came using very primitive boats. Either way, this theory is the most commonly used explanation now for the discovery of America.
So, people from Europe started to come and live here in America with the natives. Among these was a group supported by the Virginia Company of London. The group arrived at Cape Henry and explored the area of Chesapeake Bay. Part of the people who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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