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Natural approach method - Essay Example

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It is a means to offer students an avenue to learn using the skills of interpretation and observation. Also, it increases an individual’s competence in using languages. It,…
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Natural approach method
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Extract of sample "Natural approach method"

Download file to see previous pages This approach to teaching has a socio-economic impact to all those involved. Individuals can get to exchange ideas with different people from other countries, which use different languages to communicate (Larsen-Freeman 183). This opens doors for globalization and industrialization. This paper will examine the approach, and its impact in today’s society.
Based on works that were produced in the late 19th century, this approach was formed to better understand the critical nature of language. The aspects involved in the implementation of the approach were a step in the right direction. The socio-economic implications of having the ability to comprehend the knowledge surrounding languages were tremendous (Larsen-Freeman 187). It created a demand for the practical use of all disciplines available. New approaches were developed to cater to the rising need to have an understanding on the living languages.
Time and lack of proper technology restricted teachers in that era to teach and listen to different languages. However, the introduction of a phonetic alphabet made work much easier. They could use this avenue to listen for sound and information. Through such techniques, this information would be passed on to the learner. Pronunciation and enunciation would then form the basis of their lessons. Visual aids and teacher-talk made this theory practical and intelligible. A positive impact in the learning process was made possible through these methods, and comprehensible input put into account by all those involved (Larsen-Freeman 191). This is especially by the learners.
The main idea of the approach is to increase the competence of a learner in the communication level (Richards and Rodgers 179). It is not meant to be a grammatical perfection exercise. Emphasis is placed on listening as the teachers present the learner with an easy approach to understanding the material. This is what is referred to as input, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Natural Approach Method Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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