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Glass in Architecture - Term Paper Example

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Glass can be defined as a hard and breakable substance which is mostly transparent allowing one practically, to see through it or translucent, allowing only a little light to pass. Glass is made from a fusion of sand or silica with other elements like lime, Potash, soda and…
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Glass in Architecture
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Extract of sample "Glass in Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages The main focus of this paper will be on the architectural use of glass in construction of structures and components of structures.
Glass comes in various forms and types. They vary from look, weight, texture and color among other aspects and in this paper we will look deeper and further into the types of glasses and their properties focusing mainly on three types of glass namely; float glass, tempered glass and laminated glass. The paper will also look to discover the implications of each and every type of glass, mentioned above with relation to its structure of design in an architectural point of view. Characteristics and behavior of each type of glass will also be evaluated, and its effects in construction discussed1.
Float glass is a type of glass that is forged or made by floating liquid form glass on molten metal still in its liquid form specifically the tin metal which is mostly used, and then allowing the glass to cool and harden. Tin is normally chosen because of its chemical ability to withhold molten glass in its liquid form and allows it to cool where it maintains the smooth liquid surface of the glass, after its hardening and leaves no space for a coarse feeling when the glass dries. Traditionally, glass was made by blowing molten glass or the liquid form of glass and then laying it on a flat surface when still hot and liquid before it has reached the cooling temperature. This has since changed, and the process has become much easier compared to the traditional one. From the floating process, the result is a flat, smooth and an even sheet of glass which can be made into thick or thin flat sheets and also in different sizes, which can be, further resized into small panes depending on the purpose for which the glass was formed to serve. Float glass is commonly made from a fusion of lime and soda, and the process for making this type of glass is also known as the Pilkington process.
This type of glass is mostly used for making window panes, a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Glass in Architecture Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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