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CMG401 MOD 4 CA - Essay Example

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The request for Proposal (RFP) was Number AHRQ-2009-10021. The issue date was May 1, 2009 while the date due for proposals was June 15, 2009. Second was the invitation for proposal…
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Extract of sample "CMG401 MOD 4 CA"

Lecturer: Introduction Solicitation for the contract carried the “Knowledge Transfer (KT)/Implementation”. The request for Proposal (RFP) was Number AHRQ-2009-10021. The issue date was May 1, 2009 while the date due for proposals was June 15, 2009. Second was the invitation for proposal submission to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). It required proposals to be developed and submitted in line with RFP standards on requirements and instructions. The expectations was that multiple contracts be awarded from the solicitation through a single contract approximated to a maximum $500,000 of the budget was dropped. A 15-month base period and four (4) one (1) year options considered on Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) and Performance-Based Service Contract (PBSC). More than one award set aside for small businesses, subject to submission of a standard technical and cost proposal. The Government established such an award to be in their best interests. The standards required for small business was $7 million.
The offerors required to produce the following items;
a) An original, 1 electronic copy/CD and 11 copies of the technical proposal
b) 3 copies and original of past performance information
c) 3 copies, an original and 1 electronic copy of business proposal
d) Original of participation plan of small disadvantaged business
The technical proposal required brief writing, limited to 75 pages typewritten with single-space and single side. In addition, the appendices limited only to single sided 75 pages. It consisted of resumes, references, attachments and exhibits. This constraint was for administrative intentions only, and whenever the limitation exceeded, it formed a ground proposal rejection. With the exception of small businesses, the offerors required to provide a subcontracting plan that complied with the small business subcontracting plan (FAR 52.219-9) which included in the solicitation. A subcontracting plan in the form of an attachment to the solicitation availed through a web link. The proposal required giving full name of the institution, address, and county, Bradstreet No., Tax Identification Number (TIN), and DUN. The address was essential for mailing purposes. Moreover, discretion provided to capture applicants’ attention concerning late proposals, technical proposal instructions all provided in the solicitation.
Any applicant with the intention of submitting the proposal in reaction to the solicitation required to notify the Contract Specialist of the intention, through completion of attached Proposal Intent Response Form. The form was to be submitted before May 22, 2009. Alternatively, it was to be sent to a specific address given below or faxed. The telephone number 301-427-1740 is contacted to reach the Contracts Management Division of the agency in Rockville, Maryland. Queries concerning the solicitation were received before May 18, 2009. All questions got posted electronically through e-mail to the Contract Specialist. The subject matter on the mail was as “Proposal Queries RFP No: AHRQ-2009-10021”.
Answers to queries provided through an amendment to the solicitation and posted on the web pages of AHRQ’s as funding opportunities and contracts/solicitations. Others provided on the web page of Federal Business Opportunities. The applicant vested with responsibility of monitoring the web sites, obtained RFP postings regarding amendments to the solicitation. Applicants warned not to discuss the contract details with other persons external to contract management division, else risked their documents being rejected.
The proposal signed by a sanctioned official bound applicants. Hand delivered proposals dropped off the contract management offices. Proposals were to be scrutinized by security thus requiring ample time. The company was not to be held liable for any delays incurred while running the proposals through security. Besides, packages delivered by hand got held at a local post office ready for pick-up. In addition, the Government was not liable for picking up mails local post offices. Late proposal considered as one that may not have been received at the location time and date specified. RFP could not tie the Government to refund any preparation and proposal submission cost. Attention brought the fact that the Contracting Officer who is mandated by legal commitment to the Government on public funds expenditure regarding the proposed acquisition. Subject to the Federal Acquisition Circular (FAC) 2001-16, conducting any business with the government contractors should ensure registration with the central contractor registration (CCR) database. A request for information regarding the RFP referred to the Contract Specialist.
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CMG401 MOD 4 CA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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