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Individual and society - Essay Example

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The globe consists of over forty religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Druidism, Buddhism, and many others linked to ethical groups and different philosophies. Different religions have codes of ethics, philosophies, and rituals used to show the different…
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Individual and society
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Extract of sample "Individual and society"

Download file to see previous pages Psychosocial explanations have emerged in an attempt to explain the different holdings on sex and gender values. This essay will discuss the new unifying religion in the society in relation to the different explanations used to describe the interpersonal and societal relations. The essay will also discuss on the love personality of Victoria Beckham and Hillary Clinton together with my view of their involvement into romantic affairs. The essay will also incorporate the societal expression of romantic love and the different perceptions in the modern society compared with the traditional expressions.
Other groups that have emerged to express on gender issues include human sexuality researchers, religious liberals, and secularists. Others have described romantic love and desire to be a different religion and have dominated in areas like America. They believe that it is one religion that brings total fulfillment and is covered in music, movies, and writings too (Brown, 2006: 183). The modernized societies give individuals the freedom to choose on their involvement into romantic affairs at the individual desire to do so. This is unlike in the traditional societies where individual choice of partners was not given the opportunity and rather the elderly in the society did match making.
According to the American’s love religion, they have even set aside a high holy day of the romantic faith in February and they call it Valentine’s day. This religion recognizes that shortcomings and disappointments are inevitable since the standards set by individuals are too hard for humans to meet (Beck & Gernsheim-Beck, 1999: 76). This religion recognizes the individual desires to give pleasure at the expense of other sources of joy like sports, play, friendship, careers, and travelling, which give pleasures from different dimensions. The religion holds that, lack of romantic love results to isolation and malnutrition of emotions. There exists detrimental effects of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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