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Seperate paper - Essay Example

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Medicine uses human as an experimental object to attain certain inferences on different issues. The idea is nothing different than carrying any other experiment in different fields of science. An experiment…
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Seperate paper
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Download file to see previous pages time, 14-year old students who eat French Fries three times per week will gain at least two more pounds than students who eat French Fries twice a week.
The 14-year old students in this experiment are samples. Objective of the experiment is to achieve the inferences for the entire population based on analysis of data received upon conducting experiments with the samples. The first task is to determine the number of samples required to conduct the experiment. This depends on the task of the experiment. The task of the experiment is to establish a relationship between body weight calories intake from French fries during a fixed period of time. This can be expressed in the mathematical form as; Body weight = ƒ (Calorie from French fries). Thus, three basic parameters for this experiment are; Body weight, Calories, and Time. If, Y = Body weight, X = Calorie, and t = time; then the function is Y t = ƒ (X) while “t” is fixed.
14-year boys are samples of this experiment. Each sample is considered as a member of the population. In this experiment, individual member of the population is considered identical. Since individual members of the population are identical, then characteristics of the population can be derived based on one specimen. We have selected eight specimens from the following ethnic groups; White, Black, Hispanic, Asian. Specimen from each ethnic group was selected using probability sampling out of 50 samples from each ethnic group. In selecting specimens, initial weights and heights of the specimens were not taken into considerations. Nevertheless, for all specimens both parameters were within very close ranges. We divided each 4 samples in two groups: group A, and group B. Each sample group consisted 14-year boys from ethnics background; White, Black, Hispanic, Asian.
We identified that there are two types variables that describe the purpose of the experiment, and verify the result. These variables are; controlled variables, and experimental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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