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Music is rendered by Steve Dancz. This movie is about what is right and what is wrong as for food habits. Keep aside the religious,…
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Diet for a new American
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Movie Review Topic: Diet for a new America
“Diet for a new America” is directed by Ed Schuman, producers are Judy Pruzinksy and Ed Schuman and actors are John Robbins and others. Music is rendered by Steve Dancz. This movie is about what is right and what is wrong as for food habits. Keep aside the religious, philosophical beliefs and reasoning. The movie tenders the correct picture about the animal kingdom and tells the viewers about the eating habits of humankind. The human system is not built to eat meat or the dairy products. The movie gives concrete details about the meat industry and how it adversely affects the personal and environmental health. Cruel treatment of animals shocks the viewer raising a powerful question that should a man do all such heinous acts just to fill the belly?
My personal opinion is, this is a great movie. I have always been for vegetarian diet and this movie by the scientific treatment of the subject, has further consolidated my stand for vegetarian diet. This is an eye opener for the animal loving people and the health conscious ones. I believe that America needs to do serious re-thinking about the diet of its people and explain to them the correct position through print and electronic media. Legislation needs to be enacted for the protection of the animals. Pigs, cattle and chicken are raised in awful conditions and the entire process of meat production in inhumane. More or less, it is now an admitted fact that meat eating causes coronary problems and harms the body and environment by eating animal protein in large quantities.
I am a vegan and on the basis of facts and figures articulated in the movie I do hope that it will lead to transformation amongst the viewers and they will seriously consider switching over to vegan lifestyle. Yes, this movie is the victory for vegetarians and the time is not far off when vegetarian food will be the way of life for the entire humankind. That will be a great relief to the suffering of the birds and animals.

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