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Rucial Role in Shaping the Life - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the crucial role in shaping the life. Some life’s experiences provide an individual with valuable lessons that have a big impact on their life. I consider my life as a movie with that inspirational character. I grew up without being aware of what happened to me…
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Rucial Role in Shaping the Life
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Extract of sample "Rucial Role in Shaping the Life"

Сrucial role in shaping the life
Some life’s experiences provide an individual with valuable lessons that have a big impact on their life. I consider my life as a movie with that inspirational character that plays a crucial role in shaping the life. I grew up without being aware of what happened around me. In effect, this has made me put the pieces of the puzzle that is my life together all by my own with the objective of understanding my life while old. As a young child, my elder brother and my father were the only companion I had although their busy schedules meant that I had to learn how to do many things by my own. You might be wondering where my mother was, and the role she played in my life. Unfortunately, my mother succumbed to cancer when I was only six years old, and I only understood what happened to her when I was in middle school. Hence, I had to do many things that my mother would have done for me due to the absence of my father and elder brother. For instance, I visited the doctor by my own and many other things I did by myself. Over time, little things that I did on my own built my personality, and it was only in my second year of my high school that the final stroke hit me after my brother was diagnosed of cancer. Effectively, my brothers two-year illness made me a different person despite having learnt how to live by own for many years.
Following my brother’s diagnosis with cancer, my life changed and became completely different. I realized that I became quick to anger, but I did not show the anger, and neither did I know the cause of the anger. In addition, I was always in pain and moody although I did not show my father this side of my personality. Importantly, I never lost faith since I continued praying for my brother who was always there for me despite his condition. When I had questions, my brother would always respond to my questions each time. During the time he experienced incidents of pain, by brother remained positive throughout the pain. Effectively, I learnt the importance of a positive attitude in life, and I inculcated a positive personality that has helped me achieve milestones. In addition, I discovered the importance of avoiding anger, being moody, and being sad since these factors depicted a feeling of fear and made an individual weak. Moreover, speaking to people whom I trusted helped me change to a better person that I am today. As I said, my life was similar to a movie since most movies depict challenging and unbelievable situations that happen to unlikely people. Today, my brother remains the biggest inspiration since he always saw the light at the tunnel and he walked me through the journey of identifying this light with him, which was instrumental in life. To quote my brother, “Everything will be fine in the end. If it will not be fine, then it is not the end.” I do not know where the quote came from, but the quote is helpful in time of despair. Read More
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(Rucial Role in Shaping the Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Rucial Role in Shaping the Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Rucial Role in Shaping the Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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