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How to save money while saving the environment - Essay Example

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Concern for environment has increased, activities conducted by human beings is damaging the environment and due to these damages the world is loosing its productivity of natural…
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How to save money while saving the environment
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Extract of sample "How to save money while saving the environment"

Save The Environment Living green is the notion promoted by every nation, every policy maker and every researcher. Concern for environment has increased, activities conducted by human beings is damaging the environment and due to these damages the world is loosing its productivity of natural resources. That day is not far when human beings will be slaughtering each other for the fight of resources. Depleting resources are not only a concern of current generations; it has even raised concerns for the up coming generations. An individual can go green and still save money by reducing the use of electricity, change lifestyle and purchase up to date technology.
Energy crises have struck all around the world, even US is experiencing energy crises due to which tariffs are increasing day by day (Carr 367). Individuals experience a common problem, they have tendency of letting their application and systems that operate on energy remain operational when they are not even in use. Getting a second job to pay your electricity bills is not the solution to this problem. This problem can only be solved if individuals take responsibility of their actions and turn off applications that require electricity while they are not using that application.
Another energy crises experienced throughout the world is decrease in the quantity of petroleum and oil. This shortage has been caused due to increase in the number of people who use this energy and due to the appliances that operate on this energy. During winter session people spend thousands of dollars on heaters and heating applications. This does not only cost heavy amount of money to consumers, it even increases negative externalities as these heaters are consuming heavy amount of oil energy. Just by making a small change to lifestyle individuals can save this expenditure. Individuals can replace heaters with sweaters which cost way low than the total cost of using heating equipments.
People do not have a habit to turn off appliances that use energy resources. Due to this they fail to save energy even if they want to save it. A good alternative to this issue is the purchase of up to date appliances that switch off automatically when they are not in use or when they have been used for a certain amount of time. These appliances may seem to be quite expensive, but they are only a one time cost and these applications help in saving money and energy over a long period of time.
The entire world is experiencing energy crises, energy crises have contributed to increase in concern for both the current and the future generations. If people take simple steps they can save energy and save money along saving energy. They can change their lifestyle, purchase up-to-date appliances and decrease the amount of energy usage to save the environment and to save money simultaneously. Individuals have to participate in saving the environment because the environment is on the verge of renal failure and if environment suffers, individuals living in this environment will even be negatively impacted.
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