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Judging people - Essay Example

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In the process, especially in the modern world wherein going global is one of the goals of society, it is inevitable that races meet other races. It is not perhaps being racist but there are…
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Judging people
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Extract of sample "Judging people"

Download file to see previous pages In doing the task, there are certain qualities that people use in judging the ethnic backgrounds of people such as physical appearances, mode of dressing, speech, food, actions and practices.
The first factor that people use in judging people is physical features because they are the easiest and most apparent. Without asking a person, one can guess his nationality through the color of his skin, hair and eyes. Using the deductive method of finding answers, a person who looks at another person who is tall, with blond hair, white skin, blue eyes and aquiline nose may automatically guesses that the person is not a Mexican, African or Asian. One would definitely guess that the person is either American, European or Australian. Therefore, the groups where the person is identifying the individual is now limited to the groups with similar physical features.
Having deduced the aforementioned matter, one can now listen to how the people talk. Although Americans, Europeans and Australians hugely use English, there are also distinct difference in the way they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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