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Police Training and Equipment during Budget Crisis - Research Paper Example

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The ever increasing rate of crime is a major threat for nations across the globe in the modern day With the advent of technology the manifestation of crimes have attained new dimensions reflecting an increase in their numbers as well as diversity With an…
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Police Training and Equipment during Budget Crisis
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Extract of sample "Police Training and Equipment during Budget Crisis"

Download file to see previous pages ions is that the existing police force is barely adequate to handle the volume of crimes and therefore the menace of crime keeps increasing This is especially so in the case of countries such as US and UK which confront the threats of a large number of illegal immigrants criminal gangs drug syndicates weapon smugglers terrorists groups etc These criminals, with their free availability of funding and other resources, operate with the help of modern technology and sophisticated gadgets. On the other hand, due to paucity of funds, the training and provision of equipment for police forces remain sidetracked on many occasions. Compromising on the training and equipment of the police forces can impact negatively on their performance and morale especially when they have to confront highly trained, motivated and well equipped criminals. Therefore, the budgetary constraints of government should not be taken as an excuse for cutting down on the cost of police training and provision of equipment.
In order to analyze this issue, this study will evaluate the existing literature on the topic and data available on police budget and how budgetary cuts affect police training and provision of equipment. In the current scenario fighting terrorism is a most complex and challenging concern for the law enforcement agencies in US as various terrorist organizations are being funded by foreign nations that have plenty of resources Besides the members of such groups who are blind believers in religious faith become committed followers that are ready to sacrifice their lives for the cause they believe in They are also highly educated technology savvy and driven by fanatics to such an extent that they are prepared to go to any extend to unleash carnage in nations they believe are against the values they cherish Therefore, in order to combat criminals of this kind, the police needs to be appropriately trained and well equipped. However, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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