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The movie is a must see for every woman in the current society. It can give any woman a glimpse into the fantastic efforts of the movement known as, “The…
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Movie reaction paper
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number Reaction paper on the movie “Iron jawed angels” This is an extraordinary film that I enjoyed and sparked my interest in fighting for gender equality and rights of women. The movie is a must see for every woman in the current society. It can give any woman a glimpse into the fantastic efforts of the movement known as, “The first wave of feminism.” It is evident that the women fought hard for freedom and equality of women in society. This depicts some of my icons in the society as they struggled for empowerment of women across America.
I was attracted to the movie through the classical sounds and music that was playing in the background. It was very influential in building the mood of what was happening or about to happen in the movie. Anyone who watched this film was anticipating for the occurrences since the beat sets the ambiance of the scenes in the film. Another element was the camera angles and lighting outlined in the movie. Such effects were essential in building intensity and creating a relaxed feeling. This is reinforced by the colorful settings of the movie that give it a world class rating.
According to history, the movie is accurate and takes the right artistic license in its settings. This is evident through the characters that outline the true spirit of a revolutionary. Characters such as Alice Paul and Lucy burns are portrayed as committed people for women empowerment in the society. They encourage people to vote and make a difference in empowering women through their national American women surface association (Noir, 1).
In conclusion, the production personnel were professional in their operations. They played a significant role in writing a perfect script that matches the true historical story. Also, the cinematography and acting was superb. It showed the true picture of professionals committed to quality movies. That is why the movie was unpredictable in determining the fate of women in struggle.
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