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Modern society is too dependent on technology - Essay Example

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It is now indispensable that human beings cannot do without the technologies. Needless to say, it is now possible to carry out transaction online. Arguably, the evolution of the world has…
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Modern society is too dependent on technology
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Extract of sample "Modern society is too dependent on technology"

Modern society is too dependent on technology The trending technologies, alongside globalization, have taken the world to another level. It is now indispensable that human beings cannot do without the technologies. Needless to say, it is now possible to carry out transaction online. Arguably, the evolution of the world has been accompanied by various technological developments. The use of the internet is one of the widely celebrated technologies. Indeed, it cannot be disputed that internet plays a pivotal role in the contemporary society. Businesses transactions, advertisements, social networking and education, among other activities are now facilitated by the internet. Mass media which involve a great deal of technology has become part of what the modern society feeds on daily. Certainly our day today living is greatly impacted by technology. One key question that this paper seeks to respond to pertains to how dependable is technology to modern society.
It is widely accepted that technology has been employed in various field for purposes of achieving efficiency. One such technology is the internet technology. It is indisputable that mass media (computer technologies, internet and phones) are the day today technologies that individuals interact with. Certainly, media technology is central to all other technologies and acts as a link. This thus implies that when addressing the subject of influence of technology on the society one cannot sideline the three mentioned above. However, this does not disregard other technologies such as marine technology, airlines technology, and military technology alongside other technological field. On a larger scale, internet serves various functions including but not limited to businesses transactions, advertisements, social networking and education, among other activities. Computer technologies started gaining popularity in 1970s. Increasing popularity of mass media and related technologies (Faithi & Marun, 2010) has made these developments correlated with a changes in the behaviors and habits of the generation today. The most affected generation has been the youths whose delinquency has been increasing across the globe, because the popularity of mass media. Education performance has also been made better or worsened (Kilburn, 2009) following the increased online education and social media. Mass media has been accompanied by various forms of entertainment that affect the young generation and for one to claim he or she is dancing to the tune of modernity, he or she must be seen to impress this technology. Soup Operas, Video games, and other services that come along with this technology have inevitably been impress by both the old and the young generation and doing without them is assumed a cross violation of a norm. Whether they are to blame for increasing violent traffic violation and robbery, or the aggressiveness of the youthful generation is not something to consider looking at since at all costs, these technologies have formed part of the generation today. Video games are addictive, and act as limiting factors for young generation to engage in productive activities such as education, making them unproductive. However, how can one separate modern society from technologies? As research has found out, mass media causes information overload, which is destructive to psychological health, introduces children to restricted information such as pornography (Reichardt, 2006). It is also an avenue for cyber bullying cultural erosion (Steinberg &Joe, 2004). Mass media such, as internet, promotes education research while Mass media, such as TV and computers, are a source of entertainment which occupies us during free time and are the major links to accessing information. Whereas these may not be disputed, the costs of the modern technology overweigh the benefits (Kilburn, 2009). However, who can afford to separate the modern technology from technology.
In conclusion, the only way in which we can investigate the truth of this argument is to attest to it that modern society is too dependent on technology and working towards impressing the technology that is self promoting would be the way forward. Moreover, with the negative impacts of the technology itself, the modern society has to be keen at impressing that which has been shown to have reduced side effects. One of the ways of achieving this is by designing programs that are educative and promote productive use of technology.
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