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Learning model 4 - Essay Example

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Ethical behavior constitutes the following areas of ethics’ codes, mandatory financial disclosures, checks on honoraria, and including gifts from lobbyists (Author, Year, p.451). In addition, all public administrators must…
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Learning model 4
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Extract of sample "Learning model 4"

Download file to see previous pages Author (Year) noted that, universities had "recognized the importance of public ethics. The field’s national accrediting body requires graduates, education in ethics, and all introductory public administration textbooks include a discussion of ethics” (p.451). In this regard, the US government requires all its employees to learn the importance of good ethics in the work place while at college. Therefore, ethical behavior effectively becomes the most important aspect for business and public administration.
Managing the critics of good governance remained the biggest challenge for multinationals and public organizations in the USA. For this reason, Author (Year) notes, “Congress has enacted laws and presidents issued executive orders that…insure the integrity of federal employees” (p.451). This has enabled the federal employees to stick to laid down structures of governance and financial regulations. Author (Year) further notes, that this results to improved integrity “clarity, simplicity, and straightforwardness” (p.451). Therefore, all federal employees adherence to enacted legislation while offering their services in all federal offices led to accountability and efficiency.
A favorable working environment is crucial in the administration of allocated duties at the work place. According to Author (Year), federal employees must be protected to enable them “disclose a suspected violation of law, rule or regulation without fear of reprisal” (p.452). In fact, 14 percent of government workers “feel pressured to compromise ethical standards in the course of their jobs” (Author, Year, p.452). In this regard, the federal government needs to ensure that its employees are adequately protected from intimidation by powerful cartels in their administrative functions, which is eliminating the “encounter [of] ethical dilemmas at work” (Author, Year, p.452).
Employees’ morale is equally important with the result being a commitment to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Learning Model 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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