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Understanding Traumatic Migrant Sex Workers and Trafficked Women - Essay Example

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The growing rate of human trafficking and migration for the purpose of becoming sex workers affect mostly women and children who serve the purpose of prostitution. This is a matter of grave concern both in domestic and international arena. While international social service…
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Understanding Traumatic Migrant Sex Workers and Trafficked Women
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Extract of sample "Understanding Traumatic Migrant Sex Workers and Trafficked Women"

Download file to see previous pages Although women trafficking and the trauma of the women have become foremost priority for social workers, yet they face daily challenges to get engaged with this group of migrants.
I traveled to Italy from Nigeria with my aunt at the age of 16 for the purpose of working in her boutique. Once I reached there, I was forced to enter into prostitution. The money received from this was taken by my aunt and I was threatened to remain silent about the matter. For two years I was dehumanized, humiliated and maltreated after which I managed to escape from the ordeal. It was the most traumatic experience of my life as I had nowhere to go nor I could seek help from anyone.
The modern concept of indigenization emerged in the third world countries initiated by the western power. The subject of social science was implanted from the West during colonialism in order to strengthen and make a permanent impact of the western power. As a result in the third world countries both political and academic ventures were influenced by the western colonialism. In order to achieve self governance it was important for “political decolonization and the indigenization of social sciences or intellectual decolonization.” (Yunong & Xiong, 2008, p.612) I chose migrant sex workers and trafficked women as the subject of my topic to discuss them in the background of indigenous social sciences. There are some liberal advocators of indigenization who admit that social sciences cannot be limited by any boundaries and conditions. They argue that the ideas and the principles are only common factors that are adopted from studies in western civilization. This group of advocators is more inclined towards a union of both perspectives and their attempt is to make social sciences more transcultural (Yunong & Xiong, 2008, p.612).
In my opinion, the social policies of any particular country should ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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