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Case Study: Interview a Spa Director - Essay Example

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The flourishing spa industry gives one the opportunity to engage in procedures that bring with them rewards, excitement and, most importantly, great hope and…
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Case Study: Interview a Spa Director
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Extract of sample "Case Study: Interview a Spa Director"

Interview a Spa Director Interview a Spa Director As I learnt from my research, a spa directors’ job is one of the most demanding positions that one could take up today. The flourishing spa industry gives one the opportunity to engage in procedures that bring with them rewards, excitement and, most importantly, great hope and exemplary results. However, with all this comes the other side of spas that many people may tend to know very little about. From my interview with the director of one popular spa around that I visited, I learnt that despite holding this somewhat desired position, a lot comes with bearing that role. It is evident that with that very demanding position as a spa director, the predicament of need for more support in terms of moral support and guidance, as well as training of staff is not only a major set-back if lacked, but a very necessary factor if the spa is to perform in accordance to the set standards.
Moreover, I learnt that, like any other management position, to be a successful spa director, one tends to develop more in terms of success of the spa, too, with more relevant education and experience that tends to address not only their life skills but business skills as well. A well-established spa, such as the one covered in my research, incorporates various functions that may not necessarily be independent.
Among various departments that should be considered equally important is the finance department. This what, at the end of the day, the director and the managerial crew count on to reveal any income or possible loss where it applies (Capellini, 2009). Just to mention a few roles of this department, it interprets all the financial reports and provides expertise on matters concerned with the overall revenue against the expenses incurred. This department is also mainly concerned with administration of staff and scheduling of clients to ensure maximum revenue generation and profitability as well.
A well-established spa should not only focus on the comfort and well-being of its clients, but with that of its employees as well. To keep any conflict at bay, a director should maintain professional relationship with the employees as well. This translates to fair treatment and wage payment too. One way to achieve this is by holding regular staff meetings that help keep members of staff up to date with all aspects of the spa’s day-to-day operation. Similarly, implementing skills training to the employees is vital to ensure excellent service standards (Capellini, 2009).
In my research, the issue of accidents rose. Accidents are inevitable and surround everyone. In the case of a spa in particular, employees would feel safer and more comfortable to work with well-established insurance/compensation plans. It is the director’s job to ensure that these plans are enacted. Factors that a spa director should put in mind include the particular employee’s rank, risks that the employee himself faces while working and maybe the magnitude of work the employee is involved in.
It is also very important that the spa’s build and rent do not add up to major expenses or else the spa realizes very little or no profits at all. I learnt that, in a scenario whereby the spa is somewhat sub-standard in structure/build, the spa would attract fewer clients and consequently affect negatively the levels of profits assumed. A similar situation would be whereby the spa faces high expenses on payment of rent for the business premises where it is situated. If the rents do not match the income generated by the spa, then it is bound to realize minimal profits as compared to when the rent payable and income generated match.
Spas assist people in the contemporary world to live an easy and yet affordable life by offering various services. Understanding the general management of a Spa is influential to both the client and the professional in the field. Appreciating the management is important because it acts as a means through which to reach greater developments in the field by pointing out various weaknesses.
Capellini, S. (2009). The Complete Spa Book for Massage Therapists. New York: Cengage Learning. Read More
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