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Current topic III - Essay Example

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Michelle Obama is more admirable than Hillary Clinton since she has focused at raising public awareness of health issues affecting children.
Nurses get to work closely with…
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Current topic III
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Extract of sample "Current topic III"

Health reform & Policy Nurses are better positioned in shaping the health policy since they interact directly with the patients. Michelle Obama is more admirable than Hillary Clinton since she has focused at raising public awareness of health issues affecting children.
How can nurses make a difference in the health of their patients and the public by shaping hospital policy?
Nurses get to work closely with patients so they can easily identify their needs in relation to health care. The nurses should be consulted on the key areas that the hospital should focus on to ensure that client needs are met. Nurses should be widely consulted in establishing health care related policies because they are aware of the expectations and needs of different groups in the society on health care provision services (World Health Organization, 2012). This knowledge is derived from closely interacting and communicating with patients, their family members, doctors and other health care stakeholders.
By shaping health reform & policy?
By making their contributions on the needs of different groups, nurses can ensure that health policies that exist reflect the diverse nature of the population. Nurses can make a difference to health policies by highlighting the changing disease patterns, and by seeking information from the patients on their medical treatment preferences.
100 powerful women in the world for 2012- slide (in this section). Find a woman that you admire and write how come she is an inspiration of hope for you? What leadership traits do you see in her? Do you have those traits also?
I admire the IBM President and CEO Virginia Rometty. Mrs Rometty is a force to reckon with because of 30 years skills and experience at the company. She is the first female CEO of the company. She has also established and is implementing a business strategy at the company that is set to increase the revenue generated by the company by approximately $ 20 million. Rometty is resilient and hardworking; very admirable qualities. She began her career at the company as a systems engineer, went on to be in charge of global sales then CEO and president. I have similar qualities as her because I am hardworking and resilient. I believe that I am creative and innovative since I am committed to serving the society in all my capacity.
Forum Discussion: Who is a better role model, Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton? Why?
In my opinion, Michelle Obama is a better role model. Mrs. Obama has been able to win public support through her wise speeches to the public. The current First lady reflects a positive image due to her confidence, firm and seemingly caring nature. Michelle Obama is very determined to raise awareness on obesity and curb its effect on a large population of American nationals (Forbes, 2012). Michele Obama might be viewed as being a better role model in comparison to Hillary Clinton due to her high public involvement in comparison to Hillary Clinton. Michelle Obama has been able to interact with all citizens of America regardless of their age, race, ethnicity or nationality. She is done better at articulating health and lifestyle issues that affect the children since she is determined at ensuring a healthy population in the future. Michelle personally interacts with the children in doing physical exercises unless Hillary who just gives speeches and guidelines.
Forbes (2012). “Most powerful Women 2012”. Retrieved on 21st Dec 2012 from powerful-women-2012-this-year-its-all-about-impact/.
World Health Organization. (2011b). “Healthy Partnerships: How Governments can engage the private sector to improve health in Africa”. Washington DC: The World Bank. Retrieved on 21st Dec 2012 from services/health/upload/Healthy-Partnerships_Full-Rpt-bkmarks-2.pdf Read More
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Current Topic III Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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