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Internship - Essay Example

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This crave for becoming an Ambassador for my country, United Arab Emirates started since when I was a child and this made me to pursue a course in Global Politics which will enable me land in my dream job. The…
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Extract of sample "Internship"

Ambassador Becoming an Ambassador for my country has always been my dream job. This crave for becoming an Ambassador for my country, United Arab Emirates started since when I was a child and this made me to pursue a course in Global Politics which will enable me land in my dream job. The course which I am currently pursuing will equip me with all the necessary skills and competences needed for one to be an Ambassador. For my dreams to come to reality, I know very well that upon completion of my studies, I have to seek a job with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in my country so that I can realize my dreams.
In job description, an ambassador is person who represents his home country in another country. Ambassadors live in different countries from their home country and they work as representatives and delegates in their home country in both activities and votes (Dacia 2011). They have to understand the culture of the country they work and at the same time have the interest of their home country in mind (State University 2012).
Often, the education requirement for one to be an ambassador varies by individuals. The minimum education level required is a bachelor’s degree. The major requirement is for this job is either government or political experience as this is the determinant factor in the success o this field. For one to be an ambassador, one has to be informed of the current policies and events (State University 2012).
In order to gain more knowledge in this field, I conducted an interview with the USA Ambassador to United Arab Emirates, who informed me about this career in terms of education background, roles and duties of an ambassador and work Environment (Daniel 2011). According to the ambassador, the duties of an ambassador involve serving as delegates for the United Nations, and also represent standpoints and views of their home country in the country that they work. The ambassadors also perform the reporting function, whereby they have to report to their home country on the facts that they gather so that their home country can make conclusive decisions on the information that they get .
The population or work environment varies with countries. For my chosen country that I would like to work in, Iraq, approximately one million people remain displaced in the whole country. Thousands and thousands of the displaced people live in dire conditions in the country. The country also experiences insecurity from exploitation and violence. According to 2009 statistics, the country has a population of more than 12 million people though the population is decreasing due to insecurity issues in the country.
The main reason as why I am interested in this opportunity is because I have always wanted to take a career path related to international politics. This opportunity will help me in playing a major part in the provision of humanitarian relief to the people in Iraq. This job will fit in my life goals since I am already pursing my undergraduate in this area and ready to work with the foreign Affairs after my undergraduate. I am also planning to pursue a PhD course in Iraq in order to further my education and at the same time gain more skills in the area.
Dacia Mc Daniel (2011). Interview with US Ambassador. Journal of Jobshadow. Vol. 3, Issue No. 34, p. 1-2
State University (2012). Ambassador Job Description, Career as a Ambassador, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job. State University Journal. Vol. 5, Issue no. 77, p. 1 Read More
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Internship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Internship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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