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Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards - Essay Example

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In line with this, the US department of education require states to have English language proficiency standards for students without knowledge, skills, or experience in the English…
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Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards
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Extract of sample "Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards"

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards English Language Learners (ELL) should have requisite skills to gain access to academic content. In line with this, the US department of education require states to have English language proficiency standards for students without knowledge, skills, or experience in the English language or with a limitation on these aspects of language proficiency. In effect, this proficiency standard helps the students differentiate instructions given to them in the English language by their instructors (Arizona Department of Education [ADE], 2012). This expose investigates how the Arizona English learner standards guide learners to differentiate instruction for various levels of ELLs. In addition, the expose investigates the approaches that data from various sources is an essential tool in driving institutions based on the standard. Finally, the expose will investigate the approaches that the standard can be tailor-made to motivate the learner while meeting their needs.
The Arizona English Language Proficient (ELP) standards are organized within different strands. These strands are Listening and speaking strand, Writing, Language strand, and reading strands. Conversely, the presentation of information is organized into different stages (grade-bands) that start from ELL 1, at the kindergarten level, to ELL V, that refers to grades 9-12 (ADE, 2012). In addition, the organization includes domains or language strand, the performance indicators, and English proficiency levels. Among the three domains, include the Proficiency Level Descriptors, found in each level that tests proficiency. These levels of proficiency can be pre-emergent, emergent, basic, and intermediate. On the other hand, Performance Indicators guide the process of identifying the knowledge, skills, and abilities that a learner should receive in different levels of ELL. In effect, the analysis of the performance indicators requires corrective measures or the movement to the next level of the ELL instructions (AED, 2012).
Data regarding a learner’s performance and progress can guide the standard-based instructions. In this regard, it is evident that the various levels in ELL are indicative of the requirement of progress in a learner learning the English language. Hence, data on the learners, which is from their performance and proficient indicators, guide the instructor in identifying the progress made with the learner and provide the desired direction. In addition, the data provides feedback on the knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired by the learner and evaluate their importance before proceeding to the next level.
Different standards provide teachers with a focus to motivate and place high expectations on their learners. In this case, these standards act as a starting point to teachers in the delivery of content. In line with this, instructors can use a different standard that fits the needs of individual students in order to ensure high levels of achievement in content learning for all their students. It is crucial to point out that defining the particular path for individual students motivates these students, which makes the learning process easier with the learning objectives attained. In this regard, instructors can change to a different standard if the original standard were not achieving the desired objectives.
Based on the foregoing, ELL standards are the first step towards delivering content to learners regardless of their knowledge, skills, and experiences with the English language. Hence, ELL has become a requirement for every state in the US as guided by the US department of education. Different states use different standards although with the same objectives attached to these standards. It is crucial to point out that these standards provided learners who have limited or lacked the knowledge, skills, and experience in English with these important aspects to aid the process of learning.
Arizona Department of Education (AED). (2012). English Language Proficiency Standards.
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