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Personal reaction to the book Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley - Essay Example

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Before I read the book, I had no idea about the many philosophies embracing issues related to deafness and the appropriate approaches in dealing with it. I was not aware about the effects that could transpire out of teaching sign languages to a deaf, or to just wait until the…
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Extract of sample "Personal reaction to the book Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley"

18 November Deaf Like Me Before I read the book, Ihad no idea about the many philosophies embracing issues related to deafness and the appropriate approaches in dealing with it. I was not aware about the effects that could transpire out of teaching sign languages to a deaf, or to just wait until the moment comes when the a deaf learn to speak a word, also called oralism. The book Deaf Like Me gave me manifold insights about the complexities involving deaf people. If I have not learned about the hardship that Spradley took in teaching Lynn to speak, and also why there are schools that do not include sign languages in their curriculum, I would not have learned about the importance of the discussion regarding the principles the involves teaching deaf children to use sign languages and which way process should take place first: sign before speak or vice versa.
Another thing I learned from the book is that our government does not create sufficient, beneficial laws that will help persons with disabilities like the deaf people. While there are policies that are created to help mitigate hassles in public transportation, modified teaching in schools, etc, they do not seem to bring about tremendous effect on handicaps and people with disabilities. It is time for the government to increase funds on research that will study innovative approaches in dealing with deafness.
Lastly, I learned that speech is not directly acquired and that a person who is deaf needs to undergo the same process of communication: hearing, processing information, speaking.
Works Cited
Spradley, Thomas. Deaf Like Me. Washington: Gallaudet University Press, 1985. Print. Read More
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Personal Reaction to the Book Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley Essay.
“Personal Reaction to the Book Deaf Like Me by Thomas S. Spradley Essay”, n.d.
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