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Organizational Issues - Essay Example

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In this film the chief executive expands on the number of projects in the community that the company aids. The issues derived from the video are vital as the film points out project…
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Organizational Issues
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Download file to see previous pages The company gives a provision for daycare where children are kept safe when their guardians are away to school or work. The company acts as a custodian of the community’s interest and profits.
The external pressure has not entirely had an effect on the organizational ethics of the company. The external pressure would have informed the organization’s leader to opt to research employees with potential. A good number of organizations need to know the entire background of workers to avoid unnecessary turnarounds by the employees. The Greyston’s hiring process is a thing many firms have considered outdated. External pressures have transformed the ethics somehow in another way. The organization concentrates highly on community of its origin. The community does have problems with assistance provided where it is needed much by the company. The community members have faced problems in the past and have no variety of options where they can choose from mainly in the market of jobs. Moreover, the community do not enjoy from the option of daycare either. The company has made it possible for the children to be taken care of in educational facilities that are safe.
The issues are associated to personal and organizational decisions as they are role models. The company illustrates to the workers on how they are supposed to live in the community. The firm gives the employees second chances despite of the problems they might have caused in the past. By doing this the company tries to show the community that one should always be given a second chance to correct the situation. The company also provides education and daycares portraying social responsibility. The company aids the community in educating and taking care of the children. All this is an example to the society on how they should live.
Greyston Bakery always has a slogan that gives an inspiration. It states that a company is bounded ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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